1 in 3 Brits claim ‘I hate my colleagues’ – do they just need a holiday?

With Blue Monday about to hit workplaces on 16 January, new research from www.holidaycottages.co.uk has revealed just how tired and jaded UK workers are.

The travel experts recently quizzed 2000 Brits on their working habits, social life and reasons they usually take time off. Respondents revealed:

  •  Nearly half of Brits cannot remember the last time they went on holiday
  • When staff do decide to take time off work nearly 60% said they do it just to stay at home.
  • 1 in 5 Brits admitted that they currently feel exhausted from work
  • A third of Brits confessed they could do with a nap right now!
  • 1 in 3 Brits admitted that they hate their colleagues and tolerate them on a day to day basis
  • 1 in 14 said that their work mates made them want to quit their current job 

So why are they feeling so jaded and exhausted, and negative about their colleagues?  It seems their habits and attitudes towards stress could be part of the problem:


  • Over half of Brits (55%) do not view feeling stressed as a good enough reason for taking time off work
  • A third of employees said their daily commute left them feeling stressed
  • Only going out once a week, the average Brit does not give themselves much chance to let off steam
  • A worrying 37% admit that they do not go out with friends during the week at all!
  • When the weekend arrives Brits would rather spend their time relaxing at home (71%) than socialising with friends (36%) or spending time doing hobbies (44%).

Traditionally, travel providers see an increase in holiday bookings at this time of year as the post Christmas reality hits workers with a big bump.  Research conducted by Airbnb last year revealed that a third of Brits admit they book holidays in January just to survive the misery of the month!

Holiday Cottages said they are seeing this pattern top. being up 40.3% in bookings YOY for the month of January so far and they’ve also seen 25% more sessions on their website this year compared to last January, so it seems that workers are searching and window shopping as well as booking.   Their research found that these holidays are often long overdue:

  • 1 in 3 of the public also waits over 7 months to go on a trip for longer than a week.
  • Average Brit waits 7 months to take a weekend break
  • The three top holiday types for Brits are: Beach Holiday (31%), City Break (16%) and Countryside Retreat (10%)
  • Brits are motivation by their need to relax (30%) than spend time with the family (24%) when deciding to book a holiday

It seems that the UK works hard but doesn’t seem to play hard – so the company teamed up with TV Psychologist Jo Hemmings to develop a ‘Holiday Countdown’ interactive tool which quizzes users on their work life, social life and previous holidays to calculate when the user needs to take their next holiday, alongside excellent advice from Jo on how to make the most of their time off.

Absence management expert Adrian Lewis of Activ Absence explained:

“The working time regulations exist for a reason – we don’t perform at our best when we don’t take breaks.   In today’s world, unlike France, we very rarely ‘clock out’ and the lines between our home lives and work lives are becoming blurred.  We check our emails outside work and check Facebook inside work – often on the same devices!   Employee holiday seems like a benefit for employees, but actually having a proper break improves staff productivity, so employers need to encourage staff to book annual leave when they need to.”

” This new tool is fantastic, because it will not only alert employees to when they need to book a holiday, but will also let them know when they are stressed and when it’s time to switch off .” 



Author: Editorial Team

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