2021: Don’t do it alone

As restrictions continue throughout England and the UK, we are challenged with making life as enjoyable and ‘normal’ as possible. There has been unprecedented growth in the adoption of online goods & services as people and businesses adapt to new ways of working and living life. Some of these new habits are unlikely to reverse back to pre-COVID times and so there is an opportunity to reinvent the status quo.

One space that has been forced into transformational change has been fitness & wellbeing. However, whilst today’s offerings are good, they are arguably still not perfect, after all people need people

Ponzu makes it personal

Built for the post-COVID-19 world, Ponzu connects people with premium professionals that you talk to and fully engage with, so they can personally guide, motivate and correct your form through a range of fitness disciplines – the closest thing to a real-life class, but with all the benefits that online can offer, such as convenience and safety.

With over 40 Personal Trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors on board already, clients can pick from a vast array of live face to face classes, ranging from Marine Bootcamp to The Joy of Pilates to Sweat & Sculpt – providing people with real human connections, at a time when that has felt so limited. ​ 

Visit www.ponzu.fit for more information or view our explainer video here

‘Absolutely love it! My instructor is so interactive, very motivating & has me sweating so much! Incredible what can be done at home… I’ll be back for sure’

Laura, Ponzu client

‘Ponzu enables me to really connect with my clients in a meaningful and results orientated way – we have a laugh whilst getting fit’

Claudine, Ponzu Personal Trainer

Ponzu is based on a monthly subscription model, with a range of options to cater for every budget – and clients can cancel their subscription at any point. New clients can enjoy their first month for free and, if they refer a friend, both the user and friend will receive £10 worth of credits. 

Author: Editorial Team

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