25 Bad Excuses for Sick Days proves a You Tube Hit

Speak to any HR Manager, or in fact anyone who works with people, and they will have a tale to tell about the things they have heard and seen in their careers.

Active Absence, the UK’s leading absence management software company, always come across HR Managers with a story to tell when it comes to excuses for sickies, so they decided to compile the silliest excuses into a video which has proved a surprise hit, receiving over 15,000 hits on popular video channel You Tube.

The funniest excuses include:

‘I smacked my head on the pool side when swimming’

‘My fish is sick’

‘My girlfriend bit me in a delicate place’ and

‘I have a clothes peg stuck on my tongue’

Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director explained the logic behind making the video:

“Every HR Manager has seen some silly sickie excuses, in fact since the video I’ve heard some even better ones!

In interviewing Adrian Lewis, the sense of humour behind the video comes across… when asked if the company had any problems making it, he simply said “The actors were high maintenance!”

“Absence from work is a serious matter and some estimates show it costs  UK businesses £32Bn a year.  It’s something we have successfully helped businesses of all sizes tackle and reduce, but  just because its a serious subject doesn’t mean we have to get the point across in an austere, stuffy manner – we just wouldn’t know how to adopt the ‘aggressive hard sell’ that traditional solution providers seem to favour.”

On being asked why the video has been so successful, Lewis said:

“It’s something everyone can relate to – everyone has either pulled a sickie or listened to someone else’s excuses for one.  We may even release a second one, so watch this space!”


Author: Editorial Team

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