4 tips to get your first job while being a law student

Finding a job while you are a law student can be tough, not because you won’t necessarily find one, but because you need to find the right one. Your studies will consume a lot of your time and you can’t spend too much of it doing part-time work. 

The other thing that you want to consider is to get a job in your field so that you can begin to gain some valuable experience. While you are busy with your studies, it would be a good idea to start and compile your first job resume. Here are some tips you can follow to get the right job while you are studying. 

Prepare a high-quality resume

Although you are still studying, you need to be proactive and prepare for your future. It all starts with a killer resume. This is not a document that you can wing like your high school essays. 

It needs to be carefully planned out and you may use a good essay editing service that can do the writing work for you. You can also have your professors and lecturers have a look and give you some advice. You need to grab the attention of your potential employer and that only happens when you write to the point. 

Your resume needs to be flawless, so you should thank your English teachers that drilled you in school. Cracking an interview as a student is difficult, but your resume would have done the hard work for you. 

Volunteer your services

If at all possible, volunteering your services is one of the best ways to get experience while you are still studying. This is not something that everyone can do, seeing that you are giving your time away for free. Nevertheless, you will be gaining valuable experience and you could even get a foot in the door at a firm. 

Don’t think that you will be doing any high-profile work, though. You are still a student, but you will get an inside and close look at what the world of law looks like and how it works. 

Thoroughly research the company

Doing research on a company will save you a lot of frustration and will ensure you find a company that suits you. When you start applying for jobs, you don’t want to grab the first job that comes along. You’ll have more than enough work as a lawyer and you will soon realize that there are different types of careers that you can follow as a lawyer. 

Law degrees from the top law schools can get you into a corporate office and working as a consultant, or you can work for a law firm. Whether you live in Australia or the USA, your options are wide, so you have to know what you want to do with your law degree. 

Focus on your advantages

As a law student, you have so many advantages, but one of the greatest weapons that you have at your disposal is your growing knowledge of the law. You won’t be an easy target for someone who wants to break the contract or cheat you out of something. 

All you need to do is to make it clear that you are not to be messed with and that pulling a fast one on you is not going to be easy. Your lawyer salary is another advantage that you will enjoy. Lawyers are some of the highest-paid professionals around and if you can make a name for yourself, then you will also be able to make your price. 


While you are studying, you might have times where you wonder whether it is all worth it. When you are under the pump and have to finish a mountain of work, then the pressure can get to you. You only need to keep going and you’ll eventually reap the rewards. The effort you put in now will all be worth it if you stay the course. 

Author Bio:

Emma Rundle is an academic counselor and a career coach who’s on a mission to help students pick up the best career for themselves and excel in them. She also works as an online freelance academic writer for university-level students. In her free time, she plays piano, writes poetry and practices mindfulness. 

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