5 Creative and Effective Employee Engagement Techniques

Over the last few years, and especially now, employees working remotely have significantly increased. And while there might be an end to the Coronavirus pandemic, data shows that most employees prefer working remotely.

A remote workforce also has various advantages to your business. And while it may take some adapting to, this lifestyle serves both the employees and the company.

One of the drawbacks to a remote is minimized engagement. While tools like zoom and Skype help connect employees, there’s no denying the apparent differences between a physical and remote workforce.

So, how can you engage a remote workforce? Here are a few creative ideas.

1. Check in on your team regularly

The truth is, working at home can create quite a complacency. Additionally, it may take some time for your team to get used to working from home.

When you check in on the employees, you ensure everyone is working on the same project. Moreover, you can assess the progress each member has made.

Ideally, if you’re part of a team, a virtual meeting once a day will help you keep on task. For larger groups or departments, a weekly meeting should help everyone get on the same page.

If you’re running a mid-sized to large organizations, you can also hold once a monthly meeting for all the employees. This simple act of checking in on your staff will also create cohesiveness.

2. Employee surveys

Almost all jobs share certain commonalities. However, every job is different and should be looked at independently.

One of the most effective ways to connect with your staff is through employee surveys. Through these surveys, your team will help you better understand matters from their point of view.

Additionally, the survey can be used to improve working conditions. Your employees are likely to have a pool of ideas on how to improve the working conditions.

These employee surveys are a better way to understand your staff and bond with them.

3. Implement virtual coffee breaks

At work, one of the ways to directly engage with employees is through coffee breaks. If you want to talk with an employee about their performance or commend them for their progress, you’ll likely do it over a cup of coffee.

Additionally, random coffee breaks in the office help members bond and create synergy.

With a remote workforce, you have to be proactive in engaging with the staff. That means taking the time to set a virtual meeting with any members you’d like to focus on.

Moreover, you can also create coffee breaks for the whole team. Delegate a few minutes where you focus on each other and not work. And since human interaction has drastically gone down, most people will look forward to the chance of conversing with others.

4. Online team buildings

Team building activities are highly rated as they help employees gel together. Fortunately, online team-building efforts can yield as much result as physical events.

With team building activities, you have the choice of crafting fun and interactive team activities. You can also focus on particular themes on qualities you’d like to strengthen.

Here, you can also get some fun online team building ideas from your employees. This simple act helps your employees feel involved and part of the team.

5. Online training

Admittedly, one of the advantages of a physical working location is the assurance of training and development opportunities.

When working remotely, you can further engage your e employees by offering training and development opportunities.

For example, if you’re heading a sales team, you can have an expert in the field share practical tips to reach targets. You can also include certifiable skills and courses to equip your staff better and motivate them to take up the courses.

Ultimately, a remote workforce is set to get even more popular with subsequent generations. Fortunately, these tips will help you connect and engage with your staff.

Author: Editorial Team

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