71% of flexible office workers don’t leave the office for lunch

Workthere’s latest European research report, What Coworkers Want*, reveals that 71% of workers in flexible office space do not leave the office at lunchtime. The serviced office specialist found that, of those respondents that spent their lunchbreak in the office, 26% stay at their desk, 25% go to a breakout area and 20% use an internal café, with just 22% actually leaving the office.

Workthere notes that overall, out of the 11 countries surveyed in the research, it is the UK that has the highest proportion of workers that spend their lunchbreak at their desk at 42%. Sweden is at the other end of the scale with the lowest proportion at just 14%, closely followed by Portugal and Spain at 14% and 18% respectively.

Jess Alderson, global research analyst at Workthere, comments: “Whilst, in general, the most common lunchtime destination for flexible office workers is their desk, particularly in the UK, it is interesting to highlight that areas of the office such as break-out spaces and internal cafes are also very popular. Creating different areas within the building for occupiers to use for a variety of reasons, including spending their lunchbreak, has been a key feature of serviced and flexible offices. The opportunity to network with other members or have working lunch meetings on site is a major draw for those businesses looking to occupy this type of office space.”

Another factor that could be a draw for workers in flexible office space to remain in the building during their lunchbreak is the free food that is often available, therefore potentially eliminating any reason to leave the office. According to Workthere’s research, 61% of respondents voted free snacks and food as an important service and amenity, but only 40% are happy with their current provision. 

Author: Editorial Team

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