Amazon set to hire 50,000 people – tomorrow!

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it’s intentions to hire an additional 5,000 people, with the aim of  letting them all work from home, which was seen as an ambitious target.

However, that’s mild considering that by the end of tomorrow, the retail giant will have also hired 50,000 additional new employees to work at their 13 fulfillment centers around the United States, all in one day.

It’s a massive recruitment target to achieve in one day, the logistics alone could prove problematic as candidates have to show up in person at one of their centers tomorrow and the recruiters will apparently ‘hire on the spot’.

According to US Magazine,, ‘these are real jobs. They’re hard work, and require some manual labor and difficult conditions at times. From what I can tell, Amazon is upfront about the fact that its fulfillment centers can be noisy, and that the temperatures can range from a low of 60 (OK) to as high as 90 degrees’

Pay varies between job and location, there are both full-time and part-time jobs available, and the company will offer medical benefits and tuition reimbursement to successful candidates.

However, the most astounding thing is the sheer volume of hires in one day.  In June, the US saw 222,000 jobs added to the economy – so ‘Amazon Jobs Day’ alone is set to contribute a whole quarter of that amount, more than any single industry in the previous month.

As their staff levels reportedly reached 341,000 in February, even with tomorrow’s huge expansion, Amazon is not by any means the the largest US employer – Wal-Mart have over two million employees.    However, they are one of the fastest expanding, with tomorrows new hires seeing the company top 160,000 new hires in one year in the US alone.

Part of the strategy behind the hires is an intent to beat the holiday rush, when competition for talent is tight – the US unemployment rate is 4.4 percent, near a 16-year low.  However, the same day hires strategy was described as ‘‘extremely unusual,’’ by Andrew Chamberlain, the chief economist at job site Glassdoor, but a reflection of the talent shortages in the current economy.

‘‘There are just not as many available bodies,’’ Chamberlain said. ‘‘It can be a real challenge to hire.’’

Whether or not Amazon will manage such a huge target in one day, remains to be seen.


Author: Editorial Team

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