Benefits And Rewards Failing 3 in 5 UK Employees

Three out of five (61%) employees aren’t satisfied with the benefits and rewards their employers offer, according to the latest research by Sodexo Engage.


The same research* also found that one in five (19%) employees felt that the benefits and rewards on offer aren’t relevant to them at all. The results, based on a survey of 2,000 UK employees, highlight the fact that businesses across the UK are investing in, and implementing, benefits and rewards strategies that are failing to strike the right note with employees.



When asked which initiative would most motivate them, employees ranked the opportunity to purchase additional annual leave at the top, with cashback on high street and supermarket shopping a close second. Interestingly, one in four UK employees didn’t know which initiative would motivate them the most.


Rank Incentive that would motivate employees the most

1 Annual leave purchase 11%2 Cashback on high street and supermarket shopping 10%
3 High street discounts 9%
4 Holiday discounts 9%
5 Health and wellbeing initiatives 7%




“This research shows that there is a clear lack of understanding of how to best use benefits and rewards to incentivise and engage employees. In particular, it’s worrying to see that one in five employees don’t think their benefits and rewards are relevant to them – as that’s exactly what they should be!


“It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Creating a flexible, personalised benefits and rewards programme doesn’t mean re-inventing the wheel. Ultimately, what the research shows is that it’s all about genuinely understanding the people that work for the business. Once employers know this, they can begin developing a programme that works for everyone, not just a few.”


*Research commissioned by Sodexo and conducted by One Poll.

Author: Editorial Team

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