Benefits to working from home for employees

Working from home has been a trend in which has become popular during the past year mainly down to the fact of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 and so many have had to work from home to combat the spread of the virus. Due to this, many employees have seen a lot of benefits to working from home and we showcase the favourites below.

The main positive to working from home has been the financial benefits that it has shown due to not having to spend during this period. Saving money on being able to eat at home which has saved money on buying lunchtime food which is quite an expense for the average employee.

Furthermore, other savings have been able to happen as the commute to work has be eradicated so many employees have saved money on petrol or train fares as they now do not have to commute to work and can literally work from their desk in their house. This has of course had savings on your vehicle as well as tyre wear and brake wear will be limited too as you aren’t using your car to transport to work every day.

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Moreover, on the commuting, this has saved time of the employees for them to be able to use this extra time at their disposal on whatever they please as the average commute in the UK is approximately one hour. For example, this time can be used to start work earlier and finish early which has allowed for more time to be spent doing what you please whether that be spending time with the family, working on your side hustle, or even learning a new skill with this extra time.

And finally, working from home has been able to offer a better work-life balance to ensure that employees are happier within themselves between the balance of their workload and social life. Working from home has allowed for employees to basically choose their own working day, as long as the work is getting completed, and therefore able to schedule their own day around other everyday tasks and many employees have seen many benefits from this, especially from their mental health.

Author: Editorial Team

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