Besides the mattress, where is the safest place to keep the money?

Money is considered to be one of the biggest and the most valuable assets. It has developed throughout time and has changed in many terms. Despite the changes and challenges different currencies have faced, money still remains one of the most important assets for everyone. Does not matter how much money we have or the way we earn money, it is still very important to consider. 

With money changing its appearance and structure, people have come up with different storage methods as well. The original paper money was usually stored in the pocket, in the safe, and even in some very weird places. Places for saving money may include the mattress, wardrobe, socks or some absolutely crazy places. 

Though now, just imagine saving your money which is on your credit or debit card. You can still put it under your mattress, but very less likely it is to put your plastic card in your socks. Though, even previously when there were quite a few options to safely put your money aside, why did people choose a mattress over anything else. This kind of discussion might be very relevant with your grandparents. And yet, let me share some personal experience. 

The main response was obviously for safety purposes. The burglars were less likely to look under the mattress rather than in the safe. Though, after a certain period of time, whenever the mattress became a very vivid and obvious place to store the money, people became even more creative and found some other places to put their money into, or onto. 

With time passing, the necessity to come up with some more ways to secure your funds increased. First, there were only coins, then there was cash, then the plastic cards and now we even have electronic money, which does not exist physically. Would you like to try saving your digital money under the mattress or maybe in the wardrobe? Well, if so, good luck with the option. 

Though, if you belong to the list of people who are relatively more responsible for their actions and value the true safety and security of their financial assets, here are a couple of options, you can address in order to keep your money safe. Some of the methods might sound a bit traditional, while others are simply weird, though all of them are based on certain experiences and feedback of people. 

The Bank Account 

The most modern approach to store your money is the bank account, which is also one of the most common ways to keep money. With the development of the banking sector, keeping money in a specific bank account has become very popular and very safe. The bank accounts provided by the bank may vary in structure. Some accounts may be debit or deposit accounts. Those accounts are usually used to store money and add money value from the expenses you have throughout the whole month.

There are some other types of bank accounts. Those are also very natural and ordinary ones. Once the company/your employee transfers the salary to your account, the money can be automatically saved, unless you decide to use your credit card or cash it out. Though some risks are present here as well. You have to be very careful with the information regarding your credit card. Make sure that you use it only with the verified and safe websites. Otherwise, just like the burglars knew that most of the people had cash under the mattress, the majority of hackers also know that you have money on your account. 

The e-wallets 

Another very popular place to store money has become the electronic wallet. As far as many people use cryptocurrencies for different kinds of transactions as well as for trading, the necessity of storing money online has also raised significantly. Thus, many online payments are backed up with certain digital currency wallets and platforms. Some of the most popular electronic wallets, which are so far, the most secure ones are Skrill and Neteller. 

The structure of the electronic wallet is very simple. You have your online account, with the digital wallet. The wallet may be supported by the hardware, which generates the original keys, needed for accessing your electronic wallets. This is something that people find very safe and are eager to trust their funds to. Electronic wallets are very popular, as Bitcoin and other cryptos themselves are very popular payment methods integrated into many platforms and supported by many companies. 


This is the most interesting way of saving your money. Though it is not about hiding the money, rather than spending in a way to hide the money but also generate more. The investment in anything means that you have to spend the money in order to gain more or get something else in return. The investment can be risky. It required much attention and has to be relevant to the period. If you just invest in something without any thoughts or definite action, most likely you will hide your money in a way that you can hardly ever get it back. 

Traditional Money hiding culture 

There are some places which are the most convenient ones for hiding money. The first vote would go for the traditional envelope culture. It is so traditional and old school that many people would not even consider checking the envelopes, simply because it is so old school. The other option is to hold money in the bottle or the back of the toilet. This option is often seen in classic movies and while I am not sure if many people still hide cash behind the toilet, you can definitely hide your personal diary or snacks from the children there. 

Freezer. A fridge is generally a place where no one would look unless they are very hungry. Though it is also the place where we often put some extremely irrelevant items. The fridge may hold the TV remote controller, a phone or some other things. So, why wouldn’t you like to hide your money in the freezer? It might get a little bit snowy, though don’t mess it up with the chicken fillet or add it to the soup. 

Some other effective hiding places include the sock in the bottom of the drawer, which should definitely look old and useless. This is the perfect maneuver to lose the clue of the burglar. A similar place is the pocket of a particular shirt in your closet. Though in this case, you have to be very attentive to remember well the t-shirt you used for saving your money. The biggest problem here is that we often forget about this money. Or, some other member of your family might want to fit it and suddenly may find out the surprise. And it is very unlikely that they give you back the money, especially if it is one of your siblings. 

One of the most common places to hide some cash is in between several pages in a random book or two on your bookshelf. Though, make sure that no other family members or friends are so keen on reading books that they take them and never give them back to you. What about burying it in the yard? This might also work, though don’t forget to market the place, with the cross or get yourself a treasure map, with the exact indication of the buried money. 

Those and many more are the effective and approved methods and places to hide your cash. While the majority of them are quite irrelevant today, you may still use them, so somehow bring diversity to your life. Or you can even hide money in case you prefer the old school lifestyle. 

Author: Editorial Team

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