Brits not taking their full holiday entitlement due to ‘time and money’, finds survey

A new survey by Monarch Airlines has found that while many Brits are currently enjoying time off, more than 1 in 10 UK workers don’t use their full holiday allowance, and some off us don’t stop working even when we do!

Those who don’t take their annual leave..

The airline spoke to 2000 British workers, and found 14.5% didn’t use their full allowance last year, losing an average of 4.6 days each.  Almost a fifth of those said they regretted not taking their full allowance.

When asked why they didn’t take their full allowance, 49% said they didn’t have time, 27% said their job responsibilities didn’t allow it and 44% said they could not afford it.

However, despite not taking their full allowance, most of those surveyed claimed they would benefit from being given an additional 7.8 days per year!


Those who say they are too busy..

Monarch also asked staff what it is that keeps them busy, in order to identify ways that they could save time.  16% of Brits admitted they have poor time management skills – whether it is at work or in their personal life.

Workers said they spend 6 hours per week on average commuting to work and 4 hours per week of that just stuck in traffic.

Monarch suggest people consider doing the following to make more time for holidays:

  1. Make to do lists (49%)
  2. Create a schedule for tasks, make it a routine (20%)
  3. Bulk cook meals to save time later in the week (20%)
  4. Put a time limit on watching TV/films (13%)
  5. Digital detox/regular social media breaks (11%)
  6. Work from home to save time commuting (10%)
  7. Get public transport to free up time on the journey e.g. read, emails (7%)

They’ve even produced a guide to show where you could go with the time you save:


Those who don’t stop working when they get there..

It seems that when we get away, the temptations offered by handheld tech means most workers are not leaving the office behind, with most Brits admitting they spend a an hour per day checking email – but a third said they regretted it, wishing they had switched off and enjoyed their holiday instead.


Tech – a two edged sword

Staff holiday planning software experts Activ Absence say forgetting to take holiday is surprisingly common, but that we should expect this to drop as more firms adopt technology.  Commercial Director Adrian Lewis explains:

“It’s not surprising to hear that almost everyone thinks they need more annual leave, even though many workers don’t take the leave they have.  Manual leave systems like spreadsheets often make it challenging to book leave, sometimes needing to check with several different people.  Workers don’t like to make a fuss, so the leave builds up.  It’s not good for HR either, because come the end of annual leave year, it’s often busy and everyone is desperate to use up leave, even though it’s not the time they would ideally want to take it.  The office winds up short staffed as a result, and nobody wins.    


“Modern staff holiday planning tools mean that workers can access their leave information and request leave anywhere with a simple click on their smartphones, and managers can accept or reject it with a single click – and HR can send out reminders so leave doesn’t build up.  Not all HR Managers have adopted the technology yet – but it is thankfully on the rise.”


“Of course, the downside of the same tech is an increasing inability to switch off, which some are blaming for an increase in poor mental health.  People use the same tech for work and home, and the boundaries are becoming blurred and we sink into a ‘digital soup’.  We suggest that workers leave their devices behind (or at least turn them off!), dig their toes into the sand, explore new places and learn to relax.  Work (and social media) will still be there when you return!”






Author: Editorial Team

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