How your business can experience the full benefits of Remote Working?

Work is no longer limited to an office space or a production site. Remote working is here to stay and is one of the most popular trends in HR today. According to research by Kenan-Flagler Business School, “one in three Millennials said would prioritize device flexibility, social media freedom and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer.”

The ability to work from literally anywhere with the use of mobile devices offers resilience and improves productivity. However how employers can minimise the possible risks of remote working and maximise the benefits? How they can track employee’s hours, get feedback and updates from them and at the same time keep expenses in control? Mobile Workforce Applications seem to be the answer to the problem.

Recently, Synel Industries UK launched SYQR 2.0 APP which provides complete management of mobile employees and reporting via smartphone. The employees can use their smartphone to clock in and out of work from anywhere, allowing the managers to track attendance, activities, breaks, absences, requests, and extract valuable data any time anywhere. SYQR 2.0 APP provides hours tracking with GPS location, activities tracking and reporting, expenses monitoring, working hours stats, absence request & approval on the road and documents upload/download.

“Especially in current environment of uncertainty it’s critical for enterprises to adapt to the remote working necessity that IT innovation is driving,” said Yuval Gonen, General Manager of Synel Industries UK. Something that is true since you can reduce administration and payroll costs by tracking attendance and extract valuable data.

SYQR 2.0 APP functions as a recording tool for mobile employees. Recording is performed via smart phone or tablet and interfaces directly and fully to the TimeLOGWeb time and attendance software suite. You can create a unique QR code per location and range of dates, download the smartphone application from Google store or App store and scan QR code with the app to record any transaction. You can view scans in website and reports.

With all that information in your hands remote working should not be a thing that only very big, multinational companies can afford but the next big thing for companies who want to increase productivity and engage a more dynamic and young workforce. Maybe it’s time for most of the businesses to make the ‘mobile work transition’ and give employees the opportunity to be productive, engaged while enjoying a more meaningful personal life.

Author: Editorial Team

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