How can you switch off from work and get the best night’s sleep?

Guest blog from Dr Dan Robertson at Push Doctor

Many people find it hard to switch off at the end of the working day and as a result, their sleep suffers.

There are lots of habits that could have a negative impact on the quantity or quality of your sleep, so the first step is to change those. Consistency is also important, to allow your body to settle into a rhythm.



Here are a few things you can try:


Don’t take your phone to bed – Electronic devices give off ‘blue light’, which keeps you alert and makes it much harder to nod off. Try to leave the phone alone for at least an hour before going to bed and set it to do not disturb so you won’t be woken in the night. If you have to use it most phones have a ‘night shift mode’ where the screen is dimmed and has less blue light which stimulates the brain into thinking it’s daytime.


Keep bedroom as place of rest, not work – Separating your personal and work life isn’t always easy, but allowing work to creep into your home life means your sleep suffers. Once you’re in bed, avoid replying to emails or looking at spreadsheets and let your brain relax.


Relax for an hour before bed – If you regularly find yourself lying awake at night, consider taking some time to chill out before you head to bed. Read a book, have a warm bath or listen to some relaxing music to get yourself in the mood for sleep.


Avoid alcohol – Ever wondered why you still feel tired when you wake up after a night out, even if you’ve slept for ages? It’s because alcohol shortens the amount of time you spend in deep sleep and means you’ll spend longer in the less restful REM stage of sleep.


Avoid caffeine after lunch – Many people have a cup of coffee in the morning to keep them alert. Unfortunately, the effects of caffeine can last anything from four to six hours, so drinking it too late in the day can make it difficult to fall asleep. Most decaf drinks tend to contain some caffeine so it’s worth avoiding these too.


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