Career Star Group fuels redeployment opportunities with new strategic partnership with Fuel50

Career Star Group, one of the world’s leading providers of transition and outplacement services, has formed a new strategic partnership with Fuel50 to help its clients bridge the skills gap and ensure their existing employees can shape their own career path and find a future role, without leaving the company.

Recognising the importance of continually enhancing its range of services after lockdown, Career Star group wanted a career-pathing support solution for its clients’ employees that increased internal recruitment and retain talent.

Fuel50’s AI-driven re-skilling and internal-mobility platform helps employees shape their own career path and matches people to opportunities, in seconds. A bespoke career roadmap is then created and delivered via learning opportunities and mentorship to develop those missing skills and secure a brand-new role. The platform encourages continuous career growth and empowers individuals to be more agile and to remain employable. It also matches employees to learning, gigs, mentors, vacancies, projects, and career journeys, benefitting employers through reduced recruitment costs, lower absenteeism and an improved ability to fill key roles.

Cetti Galante, Managing Director at Career Star Group says that since even before the pandemic, CEOs have talked about the importance of having an effective and future-proof workforce talent strategy in place and how it has become a business imperative – and will become even more so for the future.

The exciting partnership will enable its organisations to do just that – strengthen workforces of the future and importantly retain employee retention.
Cetti comments: “Together with Latitude, our outplacement platform launched last month which empowers transitioning individuals to further their careers, our partnership with Fuel50 makes us even more competitive – and showcases our agile, innovative way of working.

“Research shows that demand for redeployment services is increasing globally and as part of our on-going commitment to continually invest in new technology, we believe that our partnership with Fuel50 will provide our clients with tremendous benefits.”

Such benefits include big increases in lateral movement and internal recruitment, reductions in employee churn and the provision of support for succession planning, mentors and networking, surface talents and skills data.

Anne Fulton, CEO of Fuel50, said: “By using our state-of-the-art AI engine, employers will be able to mobilise their talent and unleash potential as never before.  The top line is transforming the value of talent – the bottom line is transforming the cost of talent.
“And remember – skills are the new career currency,” added Anne.

Author: Editorial Team

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