Careers & Wages In The Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is by far and away one of the fastest growing in the world.It seems to have been booming for a while, but online and mobile gaming has never been as popular, and therefore people are looking to jump aboard this gravy train by finding careers within the industry. There are more career opportunities than meets the eye with online gambling, so we’ve listed a few of them below.


Coders are arguably the most important employees when it comes to getting an online gambling platform up and running. They’re responsible for creating the platform itself through code, modifying and testing it along the way. Coders are in demand when it comes to online gambling too as more and more operators are now looking for their own bespoke apps and games to be developed, which again means there is an increasing demand for anyone who excels in this skill set. It’s estimated that an average coder’s salary will be in the region of £65,000.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers, like coders, can have a huge impact in online gambling in multiple areas. Not only will they likely be responsible for creating the visuals that appear on an online gambling website, they’ll also likely develop the visuals for any bespoke apps and games which are developed,as well as any graphics required for social media and promotions. The average salary of a graphic designer in the sector is around £35,000.

Security Expert

Obviously, a lot of financial transactions take place in the online gambling industry, most often between operators and customers. There’s also a lot of personal information which is handled too, and any online business which sees financial transactions take place, as well as sensitive information stored, will become a target for cyber crooks. Therefore, there’s a need for security experts who can analyse and monitor online gambling platforms to prevent security breaches. It’s a specialised role and therefore a high average salary of around £70,000 is to be expected.

Customer Service

No online platform will run smoothly 100% of the time, and there will always be people with queries, so customer service is an important role within an online gambling organisation. Therefore, any reputable online casino operator will place huge emphasis on making sure this aspect of their service is spot on. A customer service representative could be involved in a various role such as answering telephone calls, responding to emails, or even operating the live chat service. The average salary of a customer rep is around £25,000.

Live Dealer

Live casino has taken the online gambling and gaming industry by storm, presenting several opportunities for careers to be built. Live casino services as found on Party Casino come with live dealers, and this is a great career prospect for anyone looking to break into the industry. Once they are up to speed on the rules of the game, it’s all about being engaging and welcoming, so players go on to enjoy whichever live casino game they’re playing. The average salary of a live dealer is around the£28,000 mark, and there may be the opportunity to earn tips along the way too.

Author: Editorial Team

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