Choosing the Right Security and Safety Equipment

As a business owner, you have to consider the security and safety of your workplace by law. You may have a premises manager to do the job for you, but ultimately it is up to you to set the standards required and ensure you meet relevant Health and Safety Laws. These requirements extend to protecting not just your workforce but others that may come into contact with your business activities.

An essential part of effectively demonstrating that you have considered the potential risks is having and using suitable security and safety equipment. We ask work equipment specialist WorXmart what equipment you may need.


Floor mats to ensure floors do not become slippery as people enter the premises or move between locations could be vital to slip and fall prevention. A wide variety of added value mats are available, from ones that trap dirt, reduce leg fatigue, safely mark workstations, allow safe passage down slopes or protect floor cables and prevent them from becoming a trip hazard. Choosing mats with bevelled edges will trip hazards and provide protection and ensure that wheelchair users can safely navigate them.

Fire Extinguishers

The minimum accepted standard for Class A fire extinguishers is generally 2 per floor, where the floor space is less than or equal to 400m2. However, this may vary based on the presence of a sprinkler or automatic suppression system. The design and layout of your building may also see you require more than minimum provision. Depending on your activities, you may additionally need Class F extinguishers for cooking oil and fats type fires or powder extinguishers suitable for Class B and C fires involving liquids and gasses. It is always worth seeking professional advice to get this right.

First Aid Kits

A suitably equipped first aid kit is a must. It should also be easily accessible, its whereabouts marked, and ensure an appropriately trained first aider can handle the hazards your business presents. Ensure you have a reliable source of replacement items and that items are replenished as they are used.

Signs and Safety Markers

Complacency in the workplace is a crucial factor in many accidents. You can combat much of this by having visible signs or safety markers in critical locations. Ensure there are visual reminders of danger, that hazards themselves are marked and use safety signs in strategic places. Floor markers can also help identify traffic routes, working areas and highlight important safety messages or preferred routes for motorised traffic.

Weather Protection

Be prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. As winter approaches, ensure you have salt and grit bins and accessories ready to go before ice and snow become an issue. Providing protective places to smoke or take a break will help your workforce should they need to venture outside. Bicycle storage can also help your employee’s keep transport secure.

Barrier Systems and Machine Guards 

Use barriers to help segregate motorised traffic from walkways or to isolate machinery safely. Machine guards and edge protectors will ensure that valuable equipment is protected from moving equipment or prevent harm as people move around your facility close to protruding or sharp objects.

PPE & Workwear

Provide employees with essential personal protective equipment to carry out their job or for visitors if they are entering restricted areas. Items such as protective glasses, face shields, masks, helmets, overalls, gloves or steel to capped boots may be appropriate. Workwear appropriate for the working conditions may also be necessary to ensure that the wellbeing of your employees is protected. This could include coats suitable for cold storage work, waterproofs where outside work is required or gloves and hair protection if working with food or consumables.

With so much to consider, finding a reputable supplier with experts on hand to advise and supply all you could need for your workplace security and safety is vital. That way, you could cover all bases from one place. 

Author: Editorial Team

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