Does a corporate green agenda attract talent?

It stands to reason that recruiters want secure the very best talent in the business. To do that, they often look at what perks the company can offer to an employee. It might be the opportunity for quarterly bonuses, plenty of annual leave days, flexible working hours or high-tech offices.

However, there’s something else that employers should consider adding to the list to stay ahead of the competition; social responsibility. A strong green agenda may be the decision-maker for the top talent who are looking for new employment. Here’s why:

Is a green agenda important to potential employees?

By 2025 75% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials, so it’s hard to ignore their influence over what they consider to be worthwhile employment.

The above study also shows that many millennials are more inclined to accept jobs within companies that have the same values as their own, and environmental sustainability is one of the key concerns for this generation.

It revealed that:

  • 75% would take a pay cut to work for a socially responsible company
  • 76% take into consideration a company’s social and environmental commitments before deciding whether to work there
  • 64% won’t take a job in a company that doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility practices.

The reputation of the company seems to be one of the top considerations for job seekers, which goes hand-in-hand with corporate sustainability. This aligns with the generation’s visions to ‘make adifference’ and give back to the community as they understand that social responsibility can also play a factor in an employee’s wellbeing and the company’s financials.

In addition, millennials want to feel connected with their co-workers and share the same values with them. As the most empathetic and community-focused generation yet, social responsibility is high on their agenda, which means it should be high on any business’s agenda too.

What green incentives can you introduce to your business?

To stay ahead of the competition, there are some green policies that you can introduce to your workplace that will be beneficial to the environment and your employees, without affecting the quality of your product or service.

  • Consider a travel policy. Introduce a ‘car share’ or ‘cycle to work’ scheme, giving the best parking spots and secure bike storage areas for those who participate. Also encourage people to travel on public transport by offering discounts on travel fares.
  • Switch to green energy. Changing to an environmentally-friendly energy provider, that uses green energy sources like solar and wind power, can lower the carbon footprint of your company and in some cases also reduce your energy bills. A service like Utilitywise can help you find the right tariff and even assist when switching providers.
  • Consider your facilities. Give your employees the opportunity to go paperless (by adopting cloud computing for example) and provide recycling facilities to show your commitment to the environment.
  • Provide employee training on how they can contribute to the company’s eco agenda. Also encourage best practice, such as switching off computers, printers and lights at the end of each working day.

With social responsibility a key issue for the millennial generation, and the vital role that they will soon play in the workplace, it could be beneficial for your business to adopt a corporate green agenda sooner rather than later. With so many young and talented employees looking to work somewhere that shares in their values, corporate social responsibility could help you attract the best talent when it comes to recruitment.

Author: Editorial Team

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