Employee Side Gigs and How They May Influence One’s Productivity

After carrying out a survey very recently, CareerBuilder reported that 29 percent of over 3,200 workers have a second job. This is especially rampant among millennials as statistics showed that 44 percent of them hold down multiple gigs. The question which then follows is one that every employer is concerned about – ‘would this influence or affect productivity, and if so, would this be a positive or negative influence? The truth remains that employees working a side gig may have some of its pros and at other times, some cons too. Here’s a look at some of these positives and negatives. 

Positive Influence of Employee Side Gigs on Productivity 

Here are some of the positive influences that can be brought about as a result of side gigs. 

  • Time Management

Gig work typically requires that you meet deadlines and in order to do this, your time management has to be top-notch. Balancing other aspects of one’s life with gig work is a life hack that isn’t thought, instead, it is one that is learned. Now, having employees take this type of attitude into their main jobs can, in fact, boost productivity. This implies that they finish tasks in shorter time durations and become a lot more efficient. 

  •  Creativity Boost

Side hustles are a major boost to creativity because most tasks require a measure of in-depth thinking. For instance, designers have to go a lot farther from their comfort zones since various clients have different preferences. Also, there is a lot of stuff to be learned in other aspects and freelancing would do this for you. In the aspect of finance, a designer would need to know how to do some basic accounting and get paid for their service. This creativity, as well as other knowledge that has been acquired, can be used in the workplace to boost productivity.

  • Versatility

Workers with side hustles tend to be very versatile and easily grasp or adapt to new changes. This is one of the essential workplace skills and gig work would very much teach you this. Although you might have a particular field that you are great at, your ability will be tested again and again. This brings about versatility and of course expand in the knowledge base. Such workers would easily apply this at the workplace as well and this is definitely something that any employer wants. And this would definitely cause an upsurge of productivity. 

Negative Influence of Employee Side Gigs on Productivity 

  • Fatigue

As with any activity that is physically or mentally tasking, exhaustion would eventually set in. Given that gig jobs are carried out after normal working hours as well as on weekends, workers may have a difficult time getting adequate rest since they are chasing one deadline or the other. Therefore, there is a tendency for them to be pretty tired most of the time and find it difficult to concentrate. This would, of course, affect their productivity as well as their ability to function at work. 

  • Loss of Motivation

In most cases, workers are motivated by their paycheck at the end of the month and this serves as sufficient motivation for them to work hard. Therefore, having a side hustle that readily fetches money may make a worker become lax, especially when the pay is good. For instance, gigs that pay by the hour and allow you to work for as many hours as you want may have such worker averaging as many hours as he can possibly spare. As such, this may lead to a loss of motivation or passion since the paycheck no longer serves as enough motivation. As a worker, a good way to avoid this is to work a job that you love. This way, your passion would be sufficient motivation for you.

  • Lack of Concentration 

The fact that you have got a deadline looming can very well cause you to lose concentration at work. Knowing that ratings would be affected would have the worker pretty frantic and quite distracted in fact. This loss of concentration can lead to mistakes as work as well as a lackadaisical attitude. Similarly, there might be some temptation to do gig work during office hours. This and more would easily affect productivity. Therefore, in order to finish and get back gig work, there might be a tendency to work shabbily just so one can finish up early. 


These points represent some of the upsides and downsides of employee-side gigs. However, preventing workers from taking on side gigs inevitably presents the workplace as one that isn’t liberal. Therefore, the best way to go about this is to ensure that all workers are performing optimally. If there are any slackers, it may be time for a talk or the boot!

Author: Editorial Team

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