Employers must take a high-tech, high-touch approach to hiring

Technology has the potential to provide a better candidate experience, but is no substitute for human interaction during the hiring process. This is according to the ManpowerGroup Solutions’ Candidate Preference Survey of more than 700 UK workers. At a time when 50% of UK employers in large businesses are struggling to fill jobs due to a lack of qualified talent, it’s imperative that companies engage with the right candidates in the right way.

The survey reveals:

  • 10% of UK candidates can be identified as early HR tech adopters – those who have used at least three or more technologies in their job search during the past six months
  • Of those technologies, social media ads (22%), smartphone apps (21%) and video interviews (9%) were the most popular channels for candidates to use when job hunting
  • Yet, nearly two-thirds (61%) of candidates selected in-person interviews as their preferred recruitment method, highlighting that human connection is still highly valued

Jill Bassett, Workforce Solutions Director for ManpowerGroup Solutions, comments: “Qualified candidates are harder than ever to find, and employers are addressing this challenge by investing in a range of technology tools, like chatbots and artificial intelligence, to help them screen and engage candidates. Tech alone, however, will not add value to the candidate experience and, as our research shows, jobseekers still favour human connection. There is no real substitute for seeing and feeling the connection (or the lack thereof) with a company and its culture. Personal contact can positively differentiate one employer from another.”


Bassett continues, “Attracting and retaining the right talent should not be a battle between human and robot. With the right skills mix, people will augment rather than compete with technology. In fact, with so much of the initial contact between candidates and employers becoming automated, the need for in-person interaction is only set to further increase in importance.”


For employers looking to overcome the talent shortage and improve the candidate experience, there are five things to consider when implementing new recruitment technology:


  • Define the problem – Once the business has identified the talent problem, different technologies can be evaluated for their effectiveness and cost efficiency
  • Know the audience – Employers must match the technology to the candidates they’re looking for – for example, social media adverts can reach passive and/or experienced candidates that may not be on a recruiter’s radar
  • Diversify channels – Employ a variety of tools and solutions, and test and refine them for best results
  • Turn quantity into quality – Smartphone apps can result in a flood of applications. Employers can use AI and machine learning to sift through applications and identify qualified candidates
  • Incorporate human interaction – Technology is the conduit, but delivering a personalised message is still key in recruitment

Author: Editorial Team

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