England might be “coming home” in tonight’s match, but will employees be staying at home tomorrow?

Guest Blog by Adrian Lewis, Commercial Director, Activ Absence


The Three Lions will be taking part in their biggest World Cup game in over 10 years when they play Columbia tonight. But how will this effect offices Wednesday morning?



No doubt staff will be having a few drinks whilst watching the game, then a few more either to celebrate or commiserate!


An estimated 1.2 million England fans plan to call in sick following the knockout game*.


Adrian Lewis, director at Activ Absence says employers are likely to see an increase in hangovers, unauthorised sickness absence and presenteeism this summer, especially during the World Cup.


Adrian commented;


“The key is to plan and ensure you have the right systems in place to manage absence. While both planned and unplanned absence can be an issue for companies to stay on top off, sporty summers can also be a great opportunity for a bit of fun.


“Encouraging employees to enjoy tournaments together, get involved in sport or just become a bit healthier can be a great way to improve staff engagement and motivation.”


Research from news.williamhill.com/world-cup-2018/william-hill-looks-at-the-habits-of-england-fans/

Author: Editorial Team

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