Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Working With a Staffing Agency

As a business manager/supervisor, your number-one responsibility is to keep the business moving towards optimum profitability. Spending most of your workday completing tasks not directed towards that goal can inhibit company progress and tank profit margins. 

However, your job will inevitably entail other responsibilities that don’t center on boosting profits. With this reality in mind, how does an employee balance administrative tasks and revenue-generating activities? They recruit trained professionals employed by staffing agencies to locate qualified candidates that can fill current vacancies, complete background checks, and conduct interviews for full-time positions. 

At one point or another, all managers and supervisors will have to resolve staffing-related issues. Whether a long-term employee has recently quit or your workload has unexpectedly increased, it’s time to put on your hiring hat and fill these position openings in a timely fashion.  If you don’t have time to manage the hiring process, you do have the option of outsourcing that task to a staffing company like Fusion Medical Staffing.

If you have yet to enlist a staffing agency’s services, you might want a little guidance. With that in mind, here are some pros and cons related to working with a staffing agency.

The Pros

For the most part, recruiting a staffing agency will lend to many time-saving and time-maximizing benefits. If you’re on the fence about hiring a staffing agency, the pros of such a decision include the following.

Saving time

If you’ve agreed to oversee the hiring process from start to finish, you’ll have to invest a significant amount of time and energy. Typically, an employee will have to carve out enough time in his or her schedule to place ads, review resumes, schedule appointments, and conduct the interviews.

With a staffing agency’s help, you could transfer these responsibilities to a trained professional who’s developed an extensive potential candidate network. After outsourcing these duties, your only obligation will be to interview the pre-screened candidates that meet your company’s standards and fulfill the workforce requirements. 

While the initial cost can overwhelm some higher ups, the time that a staffing agency saves your company could equate to thousands of dollars in staff time and resources. So, choose wisely. If you currently have an HR manager on-staff capable of recruiting talented working professionals, you may be able to skate by without a staffing agency on board. 

The temp-to-permanent approach 

You can lower the company’s risk of hiring inadequate employees by using the temp-to-permanent strategy. Various staffing agencies will permit your company to hire temp employees for a trial run in an effort to avoid onboarding questionable full-time employees.  

When opting for this approach, if the temp employee isn’t working out, you can test employees until you find a suitable match that fulfills your needs. For the employers who struggle with the firing process, this strategy can alleviate some unpleasant tension. After all, from the temp’s perspective, these openings are excellent opportunities to make money while they look for permanent employment.

Access to a large talent pool

Staffing agencies hire placement agents who possess a refined understanding of the needs of businesses and employees. Through a vast network of resources, they’re incredibly skilled at quickly locating prospects who will fit into an organization that’s hiring. No longer are the days where you have to sift through hundreds of applications submitted by under qualified candidates. Instead, you’ll have access to the cream of the crop. 

The cons

In all honesty, there are very few reasons not to use a staffing agency. However, there are a couple of reasons you should be cautious about the process. The cons include the following:

Possibility of miscommunications

There are risks involved with handing over company responsibilities to third parties, especially third parties you can’t exercise authority over. To avoid wasting time and energy, you’ll have to clearly depict your employment needs when relying on a staffing agency. Miscommunications could have severe financial repercussions, making effective communication critical in these particular partnerships. 

Cost concerns

If you’re responsible for overseeing the entire hiring process, these hiring-related duties may interfere with current deadlines but won’t require an additional budget. When working with a staffing agency, you’ll save a tremendous amount of time, but it will cost you money in the form of commissions or fees. Factor these pros and cons into consideration before finalizing your decision. 

In summary

Ultimately, your decision to use a staffing agency comes down to your need for control. If you manage to find an affordable staffing agency that you can trust, using a staffing agency is usually the better option.

Author: Editorial Team

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