Female millennials- a new era of talent

It is a subject that has been unavoidable for the last century. Women’s rights in society is a battle that rages on. In the last century women have been fighting for equality, whether it be their right to vote in the general elections, or the most recent victory, the abortion referendum in Ireland, allowing women to rightfully have control of their own bodies.

It seems that women are more career and educationally driven than ever before. Something that is highlighted is the number of female students applying and being accepted into universities. Last year approximately 30,000 more women than men were accepted on to degree level courses, showing that millennial women are carrying the torch for female success and going the extra mile in the hopes to achieve their career goals.

Women in high-level corporate positions were few and far between in the past. These days however, more and more women are climbing their way to the top of the corporate ladder. That being said, women are still paid less and given fewer opportunities in the business world than men. This is proven by the fact that there are more CEO’s called Dave then there are females in FTSE 100 companies. This doesn’t mean change isn’t on the horizon, the media coverage and recent regulations are forcing companies to show their gender pay gaps, which highlights that this is a problem that society won’t stand for.

With that in mind, the experts at Pytronot would like to offer some tips for the career driven women of today to help them stay on top of their game and achieve their career goals.


Learning does not finish at school or university; to truly master and excel in your career you must be open to learning new things. No matter what grades and qualifications you have achieved, the working world is a school of its own. Always be ready to ask questions and apply the answers to your work. It can take a while to get to grips with your duties at a new job so be sure to show your boss that you are attentive and willing to learn.

Actions speak louder than words

In business it is all about what you do, rather than what you say you can do. Don’t fall into the trap of bragging about your abilities in the hope of getting noticed. Instead make them notice you. Using your initiative and delivering more than you are paid to do will make you stand out to management as a hard working, go getter and you will reap the rewards.

Solutions, not problems

In your career, you will continuously come across problems, when this happens it is much better to provide a solution to your boss than to bring them a problem to solve. It may be that you have authority to deal with the problem there and then, if that is the case, use your initiative and tackle it as best as you can with the business in mind.




Leadership skills are enormously desirable in business, in male dominated sectors it makes it even more essential for career driven women to obtain the skills and overcome the stigma, ultimately showing employers your value in the workplace. The keyword here is lead, not manage. You must be willing to influence and motivate others with your actions; it is no good barking orders from behind a desk. You should always muck in where possible but know when to delegate tasks. With more to prove than the average man, women can take on too much in an attempt to prove their worth, risking burning themselves out. Delegating will not show weakness but instead prove that you are in tune with your team and know how to use different peoples’ skills to succeed and reach goals.


For your career dreams to become possible you must believe that you can achieve them. It is probably the most important lesson of all and the hardest to maintain when everything seems to be going wrong. But to truly believe in yourself and your abilities is the difference between good and great. No one will back you like you can back yourself. Start to carry yourself in a way that means business. Lady Gaga once said “I used to walk down the street like I was a super star… I want people to walk around delusional about how great they can be – and then to fight so hard for it every day that the lie becomes the truth.”

For centuries women have been put in a corner and told to fit in with the ideals of a male dominated economy. The career hungry millennial generation of women look to be turning these ideals on their head, showing the world that gender does not define success.

Author: editorialassistant

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