Five points for improving employee wellbeing in the office

Guest blog by Alex Webster, founder of Genie Living Drinks. 

Get outside

Encourage a culture of getting outside for meetings – whether it’s to the nearest green space, a stroll around the block or just a cafe, the change of scene from a meeting room or deskside sets a more positive tone for meetings. And the proven cognitive benefits of getting outside have been widely reported, particularly for creativity.

Bring the outdoors in

Introducing greenery to office spaces not only adds to the aesthetic and engages employees, it has also been found to improve the air quality within the building, and boost productivity.

Invest in sustainability and engage your employees

Striving for a more sustainable workplace has immediate financial benefits in terms of saving energy and other resources. However, there are huge benefits when employees are engaged in this process so they not only feel proud to be part of an organisation which is striving towards the most sustainable practises, but also having a clear call to action such as going paperless provides a goal which is satisfying to reach. This leads to a happier and more productive workforce.

You are what you eat

Food affects mood, so providing the right kind of food and drink choices in the workplace is key for the wellbeing of employees. Providing fruit helps workers get their five-a-day, and if you can help them tick that off their list, they have greater capacity to think clearly about tasks for the day. Sweets, biscuits and sugary drinks are going to spike workers blood sugar and ultimately lead to a slump. To provide the satisfaction of having a fizzy drink, but without giving the associated caffeine and other nasties in many soft drinks, try Genie’s range of living drinks. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are also filled with gut nourishing active cultures, providing a boost for an area which stressed and anxious workers often have trouble with.

Genie’s range of Live Sodas and Kombucha is healthier than a traditional fizzy drink, being lower calorie and delivering incredible Bacillus Coagulans cultures which are crafted by gut experts, but still have a satisfying taste and texture. 100% vegan and with only a few natural ingredients, Genie Living Drinks are naturally low in calories with one serving providing over half the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C.

To claim 15% off Genie Living Drinks for your workplace, enter the code ‘HRmag15’ at the checkout on the website until the end of August 2019 (applies to one time purchase orders rather than subscriptions).

Get some headspace

Meditation has been proven to improve wellbeing by reducing stress and calming the mind. It’s also widely thought to improve attention and memory so is an ideal practise for stressed workers. A series of sessions by an expert in meditation and mindfulness is a small investment to equip your employees with a lifelong tool which can reduce stress.

Author: Editorial Team

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