Futurestep: as 1250 people apply for 23 cyber security apprenticeships, businesses need apprenticeships

The UK Government has revealed that almost 1,250 people applied for 23 cyber security apprentice roles in three-week application period.

The news comes at the end of the tenth National Apprenticeship Week and it’s a great example of demand among young people to explore alternatives to university. The government’s decision to implement this scheme is also a great example to business of the need to do more to not only protect the nation’s critical national infrastructure from cyber threats and attacks but also help tackle the skills gap.

Jonathan Brown, Managing Director, EMEA Talent Acquisition Solutions, Futurestep explained why businesses need to invest in apprentices:


“Businesses need to tap into all possible resources, with apprentices being a vital part of this talent pool. Apprentices are an established group that are nurtured during their schemes and so are natural front runners when permanent roles become available. This is an essential quality, as recent research from Futurestep has shown that EMEA businesses are struggling to source qualified candidates.

“In order for businesses to make apprenticeship schemes work for them, they need to adapt their current resourcing models to effectively source and assess apprenticeship candidates. We encourage businesses to adapt their recruitment processes to meet the lifestyles of candidates. This couldn’t be more important when it comes to apprentices, who are often unreachable via today’s traditional sourcing channels. With real world experience alongside technical training at the heart of apprenticeships, the need for alignment between recruitment and learning and development is vital. When recruiting from this talent pool, employers must ensure there is a seamless link between the phasing of recruitment and training when candidates get the job.


“As digital natives, young people have new ideas and knowledge which are great assets which contribute to short, medium and long term business success. Business must find ways to change their resourcing approaches to attract, retain and meet the demands of this group.”


Author: Editorial Team

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