Half of employees in some UK regions say they receive zero workplace benefits

Over half (55%) of employees in the North East say they receive absolutely no workplace benefits, well below the national average (38%).

Research by Benni, the innovative employee-paid workplace benefits solution, shows the best – and worst places in the UK for employees to access workplace perks or benefits*. The survey of over 2,000 workers * found that the South West was the second worst performing region, with 49% of workers claiming they don’t get any access to benefits.

Unsurprisingly London was the best performing area, with just 24% believing they have no access to benefits, followed closely by the North West (32%), Yorkshire and the Humber (35%), the South East (36%), East of England (38%), West Midlands (38%) and the East Midlands (40%).

Despite one fifth of employees saying that they would be very annoyed and seek to leave their roles if they found out their peers got better benefits than they did elsewhere, many employers are still looking at benefits and perks as a ‘nice to have’ optional extra for their workforce.

Employer-paid benefits are not the only solution. Benni’s research also showed that up to a quarter of employees would be willing to make their own financial contribution to key health and protection benefits including Critical Illness Insurance, Life Insurance and Dental Insurance. 13% would also contribute towards a perk like retail discounts.

Kyle Addy, Voluntary Benefits Director at Benni, said:

“While employer-funded benefits can be a strong pull in attracting talent, there are other perks that give employers the edge over the competition. Employees like to understand the choices available and then select the options that are right for them – even if this means paying themselves. Workers particularly value health and protection products, like Critical Illness Insurance and Dental cover and many would chose to pay for these if they were available through the workplace.

“Employees across the UK also highly value access to retail discounts, flexible working and soft perks like discounted gym memberships. In the current recruitment market, the war for talent is fierce – employers need to be innovative in their approach to attract and retain the best employees, no matter which region or sector they are in.”

Author: Editorial Team

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