How much should a mother earn?

A job ad has been posted online for a full time unpaid Domestic Engineer, required to provide 24-hour care to help shape the life of a young person for a minimum of 18 years of service. Advertised through job search engine,, would you apply for this role? 

Ahead of Mother’s Day (22nd March), Adzuna analysed all the skills and tasks mums and guardians face every day, what experience they have gained, what transferable skills they have acquired from caring for children, and how much they should actually earn for all the work they do. Based on this information, the job search engine posted a fake application onsite, highlighting just how much mums really do. 

Here are just some of the jobs mums undertake every day and the salary they could earn from doing them professionally if they did these full time:

Job Average UK salary Number of live jobs on Adzuna 
Financial Adviser £40,990 3,605
Nurse £36,062 769
Therapist £33,718 7,703
Teacher £29,782 58,952
Nanny £27,429 960
Personal Shopper £26,477 98
Chef £26.140 23,758
Cleaner £26,035 48,572
Swim Instructor £25,685 343
Hairdresser  £25,350 920
Taxi Driver £24,174 284
Stylist £22,561 917
PA £22,429 7,897
Dog walker £22,374 91
Dishwasher £21,233 26
Beauty Therapist £20,701 597
Ironer £18,918 341
Laundry Assistant £17,553 397

This means that the total annual salary for a mum’s work equates to £467,611 before tax. After-tax, their weekly takeaway pay would be £4,978 equating to a huge £258,870 a year!

Looking at the huge annual salary mums could be taking home, this definitely seems a job worth applying for. However, a job as a mum also includes: 

  • Regular night shifts with no additional pay 
  • Evening and weekend work expected as standard 
  • 24-hour care
  • Live-in role
  • No pension/auto-enrolment scheme available 
  • No healthcare scheme available 
  • Zero hours paid holiday
  • Must be on call 24 hours a day
  • Limited training available 
  • No career progression 
  • No bonus scheme 
  • Solo working 
  • No medical insurance 

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, comments: “While it is easy to take our mums or caregivers for granted, seeing how much they do for us on a daily basis and how much they would earn if parenting was a paid job role is astonishing, and really puts their hard work and sacrifice into perspective.  

“This Mother’s Day, make sure your mum knows how much you appreciate everything they do for you. Whether you offer to take on some of the household chores, schedule more frequent calls, or cook her favourite meal, we’re sure she’ll appreciate having one less job to do.” 

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Author: Editorial Team

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