How sprucing up the office can change the attitude of workers

The environment we are in directly influences our mood and mindset. In the workplace, when concentration and productivity levels need to be kept at a maximum, an environment that benefits the attitudes of workers is essential.

Working in an office that is bland can make employees feel the same way, businesses can’t expect their staff to think innovatively if they’re not in a creative environment. Similarly, if staff are in an office with a poor layout or working somewhere that is too warm or cold, they’ll spend more time thinking about that than getting the job done.

With it being found that a well-designed office can improve employee productivity by 20%, businesses are looking for ways that they can improve the attitudes of their workers by sprucing up their office space. Improving the office is also becoming a collaborative approach between employers and their staff, as it has been reported that productivity levels increase by 32% when staff have had a direct input into office design.

Markwell Peck, a commercial decorating company, have provided tips on sprucing up the office and how it can improve employee attitude.

Space promotes relaxation
While you don’t want employees to feel so relaxed that they are unproductive, it’s important to help staff to feel comfortable enough that they maintain a consistent level of good work. Working somewhere that is too warm can make people feel irritable and distracted, while working in cramped conditions will stop conversations from flowing and can contribute to an uncomfortable environment. Simple design changes like separating desks to allow space for movement or reserving corners for meetings or breakout areas will help staff to feel more at ease at work and encourage collaboration. If staff are prevented from communicating or feel isolated, they’re more likely to adopt a negative or reserved attitude.

Light enhances positivity
The best light is natural light but if this is limited in your office, utilise it in the best way possible. For example, if you only have a couple of windows, arrange the desks so everyone can have access to natural light, there’s no use arranging your storage space by a window and putting desks in the darker areas. In the winter when things can seem a bit gloomy, letting in natural light will help to boost the mood and in the summer months, will help employees to feel less like they are stuck inside. Have a meeting table by natural light so when people break for lunch they can at least feel like they are getting a taste of the outdoors.

Implementing nature increases wellbeing
It’s frequently reported that being exposed to nature increases wellbeing, engaging the part of the brain that helps with concentration and creativity, while being in the outdoors also releases positive hormones. Nature has also been proven to reduce anxiety and stress, so what does this mean for your office? Simple changes such as including plants in the office or including colours like pale greens and blues can help employees to adopt a more positive attitude, likely to increase their willingness to work harder. If you can, a mural or a painting of nature can liven up a bland wall and include a bit of the outside into the office.

Well-nourished staff feel better
Staff who are hungry, or don’t have the opportunity to make proper meals at lunch, will lack productivity and their attitude is likely to suffer for it as well. Adding an area in the office that has a kettle, microwave, fridge and water-cooler shows staff that you care about their well-being and will ensure that they don’t grow distracted thinking about how hungry they are. If staff are constantly having to go elsewhere to get food or to make a hot drink, they are more likely to find it hard to settle into a task and won’t have as a productive attitude as you’d like.

Author: editorialassistant

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