How to Attract and Retain Talent When Hiring in Five Steps

Talent attracts talent – that’s a given. However, with the job market thrown wide open by the advent of the digital age, attracting the right talent and holding onto it has never been a more puzzling skill. Of course, it’s not just about the role – it’s about everything from the salary to the company ethos, the team dynamic, general morale and more, but can it be pinpointed in five simple steps?


Be clear about what you desire in a candidate, otherwise, the right candidate won’t know that you’re looking for them. Be clear about your business brand and your company mission, and make sure this is obvious in all company media – whether it’s recruitment videos, career pages or social media. In such a connected world and such a competitive job market, it’s also more important that you establish and communicate your employer brand. Spread this brand liberally and create a formidable digital footprint that the best talent will be unable to ignore.

The Right Sites

Instead of casting the net out vaguely on the usual sites and listlessly scouring LinkedIn, advertising your role with a reputable site such as Interim Partners can lead to better and more relevant candidates. With social media, meanwhile, understand that, whilst it is a powerful tool, the candidates are the ones with all the power. To get ahead, make sure your social media pages are up-to-date and are designed to appeal to the kind of talent you want to attract.

Brand Ambassadors

If you want tokeep your best employees and also attract the best new blood, treat current team members well and give them plenty of encouragement. Give them enough and you’ll effectively turn them into brand ambassadors, extolling the virtues of your business to other potential candidates.


If the turnover rate at your business is high then it might be because the employees have no faith in their leadership. A good leader should be able to engineer a clear direction for the business and keep employees optimistic and enthusiastic about the future of the business and their roles within it. Engage your current talent and develop your leaders and you’ll soon start to see substantial results.


Company culture is an ill-defined term and an HR buzzword, but that doesn’t stop it from being of paramount importance. The culture refers to everything from the atmosphere of the office to the ethics of the leadership to the values that sit at the businesses’ heart. Cultivating company culture isn’t as easy as throwing a few bean bags and a decent coffee machine in the break room. It’s a lot more subtle and fundamental than that. It means everything and nothing, and it’s incredibly important if you want to stand out to potential new talent.

Author: Editorial Team

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