How to build your workplace confidence

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It’s vital to start actively working towards boosting your workplace confidence. Building confidence does not require a complete personality overhaul. Instead, you can take smaller steps to become more self-assured and confident in the workplace.


Here are 5 simple tips from Monster to help boost your workplace confidence…



Trumpet your own success

It’s ok to let people know when you get a win. You can build your own confidence, by subtly pointing out, in a matter-of-fact way, that you were the one who accomplished something for the company. Get into the habit of self-acknowledgment and be sure to celebrate your own little victories.

Speak your mind

A lack of confidence often results in you questioning your opinion and not asking the questions you want to ask for fear it will be shot down. Once you first do this it will become easier and easier to voice your opinion or ask questions.

Increase your knowledge

One simple but easy way to build your confidence is by learning more. Attend all the company training that is on offer, read around clients that you have. Knowing how and why certain practices and processes work can boost confidence in your ability to do them. This will help you confidently speak about issues and confidence grows when you act on what you know.

Don’t let fear stop you

Never be afraid to fail, these experiences are when we learn the most about yourself. Only you can adjust your mind-set to boost your personal confidence and have a go. Once you are over that hurdle, the experience itself becomes a critical confidence boost and something you can learn from in the future.

Find Supportive Allies

Seek out positive co-workers and mentors who support you, who boost you up when you’re feeling down, and who can help you succeed in your job and within the company.



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