How to get your office feeling sunny on the inside

With the warmer weather finally upon us, businesses are feeling encouraged to get their offices feeling as equally sunny on the inside. While the sun shining is great for a day off, working during the summer months isn’t as pleasant. It’s been found that during this time, productivity levels drop by 20% and projects can take up to 13% longer to complete. The reasons for this range is from staff feeling more lethargic in warmer weather to spending time gazing out the window thinking about when they can escape into the sunshine.

However, if the office remains a positive environment throughout the year, then employees are less likely to waste minutes wishing they were elsewhere. By adding a few summer touches to the workplace, businesses can make a dramatic difference to employee wellbeing and work efficiency.

Commercial decorating company, Markwell Peck, have provided some summer trends to incorporate into your office. Don’t worry, you don’t need to add beach balls or deck chairs to the meeting room. Making small changes that match the season can be beneficial.

Colour scheme
The environment that staff work in has a major impact on their happiness and therefore, how well they perform at work. When everything else outside looks fresh and sunny, walking into a dull office can be an immediate mood killer. Introducing yellow helps staff to feel cheerful while cool shades of blue and green will encourage staff to relax as they are surrounded by colours reminiscent of tropical settings. Make small design changes, such as hanging a few summery prints on the wall or making the colour scheme lighter with pastel coloured cushions in an informal meeting area. This will lift the mood and in turn, help staff to feel better about being in the office on a hot day.

Biophilic Design
This brings the outdoors into the office, ideal for the months when employees are most keen to spend time outside. Experiencing nature is proven to have positive impacts upon the brain and concentration levels, so it makes sense to incorporate a bit of nature into an environment where productivity has to be at a maximum. Being reminded of the outdoors and being exposed to a change of scenery will boost creativity and reduce stress, things that can often become a bit flat in a stuffy office.

One of the best summer gadgets for any office has to be aircon or the humble fan. Working in conditions that are too warm will cause employees to feel lethargic and tired, lowering productivity and enthusiasm. If staff feel too uncomfortable, their work will suffer for it. Having a breeze running through the office or including a fan will help employees feel less like they are stuck inside and more energised throughout the day. Customising your office doesn’t need a huge renovation, simply adding in ways to help the team cool down, such as a water dispenser that delivers ice cold water, will show you care about their wellbeing.

Breakout areas
These are becoming increasingly popular in offices as they help staff to feel relaxed and therefore encourage the sharing of ideas and improve communication. Creating breakout areas that remind staff of being at home have proven successful, as they give staff a place to rest and feel more prepared to carry out work when they go back to their desks. Soft seating, stools and kitchen areas can all help to make staff feel more at home, also showing them that you care about your employees feel at work. For some people, feeling comfortable is a big factor in how well they work, so this could really benefit the team.

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