How to market an online casino: Strategies that work

There’s no denying it – online gambling is a booming industry right now. In the UK alone – the remote gambling sector is worth £14 billion a year. With so much cash on the line, it’s no surprise that some countries are loosening their rules. You just have to look towards the USA and the success of New Jersey’s online switch for reference.

There is just one problem: it’s becoming an increasingly crowded market place. Prospective internet gambling companies have to do more to stay in the game. So what can they do? Here are some strategies that work right now:

Market yourself as the white knight

Impressive revenues aside, it’s not all good news for internet casino firms. Trust with online gambling companies continues to fall year on year. This is highlighted by UK figures, showing a decline in players who think gambling is fair. Consumer confidence is at all-time lows thanks to high bonus wagering requirements, unfair terms and constant bad press. While this is sad news, it also presents an opportunity. Transparent terms, zero wagering on bonuses and fast withdrawals are all in high demand. If you can facilitate these services, then make sure you shout about it – players are listening.

Think carefully about the welcome bonus

One of the tried and tested marketing tactics is to offer some form of welcome offer. Many sites will give away match bonuses, while some casinos offer free spins as a marketing strategy. A popular bonus with players is offering free spins with no wagering. This means that a member receives the promise of winning real cash – with no need to worry about wagering. But as the winnings are so low – they end up simply spending the money, opting to deposit again. 

Test – and test again (Don’t ignore the data)

There’s no harm in incrementally testing your strategies to fine-tune how well your brand is performing. There’s always a way to optimise for better results. But make sure you are always backing up your tests with a foundation built on solid data. For example, noticed a drop in the number of first-time depositors? It could be your welcome offer, your user journey – or some kind of external factor. Always tread the path your customers will travel (personas certainly help with building a picture).

Author: Editorial Team

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