How to Stand Out to a Recruiter

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Have you ever attended an interview with a recruiter that seemed to go well, yet you never heard from them again? It can be difficult to get through to recruiters when you’re up against so much competition. With the average recruiter receiving a minimum of 23 applications per role, it’s important to stand out.


Follow these steps to stand out so you’ll be the first name on their mind when a client calls.



  1. Have an excellent, well-tailored CV


Recruiters get sent tens of hundreds of CVs a day. According to research, the average recruiter spends just 6 seconds looking at a CV. Therefore, when sifting through CVs for roles, if they don’t immediately pique the interest of whoever reading, your CV goes straight into the no folder.


A good CV is one that is well-presented, condensed and tailored to a specific industry. A common problem is candidates sending out very varied CVs. If the CV is too open, the recruiter won’t know which roles to put you forward for.


It is instead far better to have several CVs with different experiences and skills on, rather than one which has a bit of everything on. If you’re interested in communications roles, you might have separate CVs for roles in PR, editorial and journalism.


Name your CV something which allows the recruiter to easily find it: Joe Bloggs – CV will do. If it’s for a specific role, Joe Bloggs –Account Exec at XYZ CV.


  1. Build relationships


Recruiters speak to so many candidates per day, it’s important to stick out so they remember your name. This way, when clients call up asking for a candidate with particular skills, you will stick out in their mind.


Although a recruiter is the middleman between you and a job, when meeting them in person you should treat it like a final interview. Be friendly, polite and clear.


Building rapport with a recruiter is important. Respond to emails, phone calls and treat it like any professional working relationship.


  1. Pick up the phone


When considering how many emails recruiters get sent every day. Stand out by reaching out over the phone.


Calling up shows confidence and initiative and makes you a more memorable candidate.


However, ensure you aren’t calling too often. This might come across as desperate and down right annoying to a busy recruiter.


Checking in every week or two is ideal to remind them you’re interested and find out about new roles.


  1. Be clear about what you want


If you are wishy-washy about what type of role you want, the recruiter will find it difficult to put you forward for roles.


If you aren’t sure about what exact role title you want, be clear about what job tasks interests you and what don’t.


If you are interested in data and analytics, but really not interested in writing and editing – let the recruiter know so they won’t come to you with any roles you will hate. The same goes for industries – be clear on where you can and can’t see yourself working.


  1. Follow-up


After your meeting with a recruiter, send a polite follow-up email thanking them for their time and emphasising what you are looking for.


It’s important not to hassle them too much after all they have many other candidates to deal with but it’s good to check in every couple of weeks to see which new roles have come in.


It’s also important to keep an eye on the website for which new roles are coming in which you can reference on the phone or in emails.


  1. Use LinkedIn


Research by Standout CV shows that 73% of recruiters will search you on LinkedIn after seeing your CV. LinkedIn acts as an extension to your CV, giving the recruiter more details in what you have done.


You can also post articles you’ve written and join in discussions with other like-minded professionals. It’s a great place to network and make yourself known to recruiters.


The saying that looking for a job is a job itself really is accurate. Searching for a new job can cause a lot of stress and zap away all your energy. By following these 6 tips will ensure you stand out as a memorable candidate to a recruiter. Remember to stay positive in your job search; a lot of it is about mental attitude. Good luck!



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