HR Managers Should Do Cultural Homework before Going Abroad

HR Manager and International Business

In an international business, the most important aspects to be considered are proper research of the situations, understanding the cultural, legal and economic differences that shall persist between the nations. Thus, in order to perform all the functions appropriately, an HR manager can consider differences in the recruitment, training, remuneration, performance evaluation and labor environment in the abroad country. These aspects should be well thought-out by primarily understanding the difference between the countries along with the cultural and legal differences. Therefore, it is evident that accepting the difference and feasibly imbibing the required changes in the management can only be possible if the culture of the abroad country has been properly analyzed and understood. Therefore, on an overall basis, an HR manager should first do homework to critically analyze the necessary changes. The managers in this world of globalization need to go on several business trips in the recent years due to increased foreign collaborations and globalized approaches of the companies. Hence, minimizing the cultural difference is highly essential for assuring the success of these trips. Thus, in order to write an educational content based on this topic, it is highly essential to consider all these aspects.


Efforts of the HR Managers

Before starting the operations, an HR manager should first try to analyze the national and local culture of the country. Among all the aspects that an HR manager should consider, the cultural aspect is the most important one. This can better be undertaken by starting to learn the foreign language and being acquainted with the natives or other employees. The main advantage of this step towards understanding the culture is that by spending ample time with the local people the HR managers can better connect with the colleagues and the staff of the company. In addition, he/she can better understand them and express their feelings with each other effectively. This will therefore create a friendly environment, wherein cultural exchange can be possible, thereby leading towards the company to flourish through the emergence of new ideas.

In order to perform the delegated roles and responsibilities, a manager/leader should be able to foster a positive working environment and create trust and respect among the followers. Thus, it is highly essential for an HR Managers to build trust among the subordinates and indicate a sense of responsibility and respect to the superiors and colleagues. Therefore, in order to effectively perform all the functions, an HR manager should understand the local as well as the organizational culture in abroad. Having an understanding of the efforts that an HR manager should be taking into high consideration, the article may be written in the form of an assignment or an essay covering all these points in an elaborative manner. For an educational content writer, it would be highly beneficial to explain these aspects in a structured format.

Barriers faced by the HR Managers

For an appropriate content writing, another factor to be considered regarding this concept is the barriers that can be faced by the managers and accordingly provide helpful tips to mitigate them. Thus, in order to facilitate operations in an abroad setting, an HR manager can face various barriers. These barriers may hence include miscommunication, non-relatable, unable to adapt to the changed environment and misunderstanding. Therefore, for bridging the communication gap, the HR manager should follow a friendly approach towards other employees. In order to enhance communication and positive relationship with the other people, their culture, beliefs, and values must be understood and equally valued by the HR manager. Thereafter, the HR manager must be capable enough to imbibe these values and beliefs to foster a positive environment in the workplace, which in turn may result in increased profitability. Therefore, for an educational writer, it is a significant aspect to take these barriers into consideration and apply the HR concepts so that it can be mitigated.

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