Why HR professionals leaving the profession could consider teaching

Guest blog by Roger Marsh, ITN Mark Education, the education recruitment specialists

If you’re an HR professional looking for a new career, chances are you’ll have a range of options. HR is a fantastic profession which enables you to gain lots of transferable skills that you can take with you into your next role. Teaching could be a great career move for an ex-HR professional.  Here are some of the skills you will bring with you:

Lesson plans

One of the main benefits of being an HR professional is that you are probably super organised. Your role will most likely see you working closely with a variety of different departments to ensure that everyone is up to speed with relevant policies and procedures. You will probably run most of the staff training sessions, so you’ll be used to planning how you’ll deliver this information to the employees.

Due to this experience, you should be able to transfer these skills over to teaching. Writing lesson plans is a huge part of being a teacher, and an HR professional will be able to utilise their skills from other areas to create some interesting and engaging plans.

Dealing with people

HR is about dealing with people. Chances are your HR career has introduced you to a wide range of people from different backgrounds. You may even have had to talk to people about sensitive topics such as work attendance or performance.

Dealing with lots of people will give you a great insight into what life is like as a teacher. Teachers deal with pupils, parents, guardians and colleagues, some of whom they may have to talk to about sensitive subjects. An HR professional will have the necessary skills to chat with parents about their child’s performance, without breaking a sweat.


As an HR professional, you’ll be used to completing lots of administrative tasks throughout your day; this could be administrating payroll, dealing with contracts of employment and ensuring the HR database is kept up to date.

Teachers also have their fair share of admin, so your experience will put you in good stead to handle the amount of paperwork that comes with being a teacher.


If you’re hoping to make your way up to a more senior position within the teaching industry, your HR experience will give you the skills you need to be able to recruit the right staff for your school.

Interviewing for a new teacher position in a school can be a tough process, you have to choose the right person, someone who will bring out the best in their pupils, and who will fit in with the school’s overall ethos and ethics. Being an HR professional will give you the expertise to be able to see behind the ‘interview person’ to the real person, meaning that you will based your decision on how well you can see the candidate doing on a long-term basis.


There are many benefits to becoming a teacher, and it’s a job that will enhance your life as you take on a position of influence in your pupil’s lives.

As well as giving you the opportunity to become an expert in your chosen subject area, teaching is never dull and each day will be a new adventure in your education journey. There is also such variety in the children you’ll be teaching, and you’ll be able to help your pupils to become rounded, confident and motivated young adults.

If you chose to become a teacher of a shortage subject, such as maths or science, then you’re going to be in huge demand, which means that you’ll have plenty of choice about where you work and what age group you will be teaching.

Teaching also offers you great job security; children will always need great teachers.


If you’re interested in starting your career in teaching or would like some advice on becoming a teacher, visit the ITN Mark Education website for some more information.

Author: Editorial Team

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