HR Professionals Have No Time For Value Adding Work

65 per cent of HR professionals at mid-tier firms are struggling to spend any time working on value adding initiatives – that’s according to HR technology specialist, Access Group.


Research from the company has shown that almost two thirds of those working in HR are unable to dedicate any of their time to things such as employee engagement, wellness programmes and talent development. Instead, their working week is being consumed by day-to-day activities such as booking holidays, keeping track of attendance, payroll admin and health and safety.



To highlight the issue, Access Group has created The HR Value Pyramid. Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Pyramid shows the hierarchy of HR activity from a value perspective. Split into four tiers, it highlights both everyday and essential activities, whilst also showing those elements that add value and are perceived as forward thinking.


Tony Gale, HR solutions expert at Access Group commented; 


“The harsh reality for those HR pros working in mid-size and smaller firms is that they’re spending the majority of their time working in the bottom two tiers,” 


“The fact that 65 per cent aren’t able to move out of that bottom level at all is often an unfortunate reality for many organisations with limited HR resource, as the majority of opportunities that add value to a business sit further up.


“Many HR professionals have an increasingly wide remit and often find themselves firefighting. This can result in them being seen simply as a responsive function, rather than adding value and steering the business forwards. For those facing such practical pressures, it’s easy to become bogged down by time-consuming day-to-day activities.”


Access Group is now urging those working in HR for SMEs to use the start of 2018 to explore ways to automate everyday processes, enabling them to take a step back and focus on those HR actions that can address the strategic goals of the business and add value.


To assist with this, the company has launched a new free resource called Transforming HR: Undervalued to Added Value in 5 Easy Steps.


Tony added;


“The fact is, change isn’t going to happen overnight for those 65 per cent highlighted in our research,”


“We’ve designed this new resource with them in mind to help them take small and incremental steps to improve their HR performance and move further up the pyramid, spending more time investing in their people and building a strong employer brand.”


To download a free copy of Transforming HR: Undervalued to Added Value in 5 Easy Steps, visit

Author: Editorial Team

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