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Guest Blog by Shakira Joyner of HCHR


More and more people in the UK are opting for self-employment than ever before. According a recent report published by the CIPD, one in seven UK workers are now self employed.


The report states that :


“Climbing since 2001, self-employed workers now make up almost 15% of the UK labour force, close to the European average. This trend has been a distinguishing feature of the UK labour market’s recovery since the last recession. Traditionally, self-employment has been associated with men aged 50 and over, working in specific industries such as agriculture and construction.”


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Like it or not, whether you’re the owner of a large organisation or self-employed, the second you take on a staff member, then the HR function has to kick in. Not only will you need standard policies and procedures such as equality and diversity, maternity and paternity and disciplinary and grievance but you will also need contracts of employment and even a staff handbook.


In addition, employers need to understand the difference in employment status and pitfalls associated with rights between self-employed and being permanently employed.


You can of course download all of these documents off the internet but more of than not, these generic policies and contracts aren’t an exact fit for you and your business.


That’s where we come in. HCHR has direct experience of working with a number of self-employed businesses to ensure that their contracts are water-tight and their policies and procedures are robust and suitable for the nature of the business.

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