Importance Of Having Parking Spaces For Your Employees

Most business and large offices have several floors of workspaces. While they have reception areas, separate cubicles, divided areas, and conference and meeting rooms, many do not believe in having different parking spaces for employees. Not having parking space for employees and visitors can be pretty detrimental to the business. Employees and visitors may have to move around and struggle to find parking before they can enter. This sets a bad mood before even entering the office premises. 

Securing parking slots on an hourly or daily basis from is highly advantageous for your employees. Businesses can purchase parking spaces monthly, daily, or hourly for rent across the UK. Doing this helps employees and visitors securely park their vehicles and get to your office on time. This ease of parking allows for a hassle-free experience and creates a positive environment all day long. 

Another common approach that many businesses opt for is to pay for employee parking and permits from the council. However, doing this is no guarantee that your employees will find a parking space within walking distance of the office. It is best to opt for private, safe, and secure parking. 

Let us look at the importance of having parking spaces for your employees. 

Properly Managed Space:

Many businesses have their own car parking slots. However, these are exceptionally poorly managed. There is no clear signage about visitors and employee parking, and there are bound to be arguments about why one person parked in anothers’ spot. The best way to avoid these hassles and issues is to have everyone on the same page. Without allocated parking, it is first-come-first-served. Also, adequately managed spaces that you can rent can actually save you a lot of money in the long term. 

Save On Costs:

Parking spaces for employees can become quite expensive. Since many businesses were Work From Home (WFH) during the Covid-19 pandemic, all the reserved car parking bays and areas for employees were empty. The costs of maintaining a parking garage or car park were astronomical. 

Apart from this, employees not at work or travelling would often leave their vehicles at home. However, there would still be reserved slots in business car parks. This is actually a waste of valuable space. Renting a car parking slot according to need is actually cost-effective in the long term. Businesses can save on monthly maintenance and car park charges yet provide safe and secure parking for their employees. 

Increases Efficiency:

Many employees who rely on public parking need to leave their work to top up the parking meter in the middle of the day. Doing this regularly may cause interruptions in work and decrease the overall efficiency of employees. Many also use this as an excuse to take long walks or unscheduled breaks. 

By ensuring that everyone has a readily available car parking slot, you can increase employee efficiency. Securing a spot for them also helps them save money on parking charges. Many business owners argue that paying for employee parking is a cost to the company. Still, by ensuring the workers take fewer breaks, you would be saving higher long term costs. 

Safe And Secure Parking:

Secure parking areas reduce the risk of break-ins and damage to employee vehicles. If you are an employer that allows comprehensive insurance cover to company cars, this could help save thousands of pounds on damages. Employees with company-owned vehicles (allocated to top management) have to pay a higher premium on vehicles that have been through repairs and damage. 

Safe and secure parking also gives employees peace of mind and does not stress them needlessly. The resultant cost and time benefit is far more with secured parking areas than with unsecured ones. 

Positive Mindset:

While a positive mindset over a car parking slot may seem trivial, it is actually not. Most employees dread driving to work because they cannot find parking near their workplaces. This causes rash driving to reach early and may also cause stress the entire day. The downside of rash and reckless driving are accidents, which may lead to eventual hospitalization. 

Not finding a vehicle parking slot may also cause them to keep driving around in circles until they find parking, leading to late reporting to work. It is far simpler to ensure the safety of your employees and their cars by providing a better alternative. Employees who come to the office on time and are at ease about their cars perform better and report positively. 

Author: Editorial Team

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