Intelligent automation – the bold future of talent acquisition

Guest Blog by Charles Hipps, CEO and Founder, Oleeo


The power to make a positive impact in the world is infinitely more possible when you assemble diverse teams of people with the right skills and shared motivations.

The key to attracting, engaging and hiring the right diverse teams is removing bias and unleashing recruiting potential by breaking the sources of talent wide open.


If you continually source talent from inside your comfort zone, you’ll miss out on the diverse thinking required to innovate. So we’ve uncomplicated the process of attracting, engaging and hiring talent from anywhere through the use of intelligent automation.


But what is intelligent automation?


Algorithms – they’re just smarter (and faster) than we are. While humans are great at forming relationships, we’re not so great at forming unbiased decisions. Machines can analyze exponentially more data in a fraction of the time it would take humans. When we let machines use data to make prescriptive recommendations we are free to spend more time on the high touch, human side of talent acquisition – nurturing great relationships.


With intelligent automation, talent acquisition teams gain the efficiency they need to break the sources of talent wide open to quickly attract, engage and hire the diverse talent they need to drive innovation.


But what are prescriptive recommendations?

While a prediction is nice, a prescription is awesome. Simply predicting that a person is a good fit isn’t enough anymore – what if they won’t accept the offer? What if they are highly likely to leave within the first 90 days?

Recruiters focused on high quality outcomes also need to know who is most likely to accept an offer and stay with the team long enough to make a real impact – helping recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time.


Ar Oleeo, we summarise this as talent intelligence to attract, engage and hire diverse talent at scale:

  • Intelligent attraction through optimised recruitment advertising and programmatic retargeting
  • Intelligent engagement through prioritised nurturing and more relevant content during every interaction be it sourcing at events, engaging with candidates, interview management or mobility within the organization.
  • Intelligent selection based on predictive scoring and prescriptive recommendations that measure skills, cultural fit, offer acceptance probability and probable retention.


All of this is simpler when used on a single platform that automates your talent acquisition process end to end with key features such as:

  • Single click automation for flexible attraction, 
engagement and selection workflows
  • Corporate DNA Mapping that predicts cultural fit
  • Recruiter shortlist prioritised by fit, skills and hiring predictability
  • A robust API that extends the power of the platform
  • A superior candidate experience every time
  • Faster time to hire
  • Intuitive recommendations that support data driven decisions.


This is important because we all know that talented people have higher expectations and more choices than ever before. That makes it critical for companies to reach them first, deliver a highly engaging candidate experience and nurture a relationship well ahead of open opportunities.

Through the power of intelligent automation, you can help talent acquisition professionals identify, attract, engage and hire the diverse talent that can change the world for the better – faster than ever.


Yet identifying, attracting and engaging amazing talent is only half of the story; companies must succeed in hiring the right diverse talent who are most likely to stay and make an impact. Automatically mapping qualified candidates against the talent DNA of top performers and offers prescriptive recommendations that help recruiters fast tracking the right talent and accelerate the time to hire.


This is the key to the future of talent acquisition – are you on board with the infinite possibilities contained in intelligent automation?


PS – You might have realised my company has changed its name. WCN is now Oleeo. Oleeo comes from the mid-century term Olio – which means a diverse collection of things that together, make something beautiful. That’s how we see ourselves; a diverse team of technology and talent acquisition professionals who’ve come together to achieve something – well beautiful. I really hope you like it!




Author: Editorial Team

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