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Lisa Baker, Editor of HR News writes:


I hope all my female friends and colleagues have a fantastic International Women’s Day no matter where they are.

I have many female friends who are strong, independent and inspiring and I love that social media has enabled me to make new contacts and new work friends, some are in the UK, some are further afield.

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed the freedom to set up and run my own businesses and to choose a career.  It’s a freedom I’m now seeing my three daughters enjoy too!

I presently work in HR and IT (what a combination!) and have a boss who treats my opinions with respect.  My female colleagues and I do not have to endure the hassle and upset of discrimination – it hasn’t always been like that, certainly not when I began my career, and it’s great to see how much the workplace has improved for women.

At home, too, my husband and I are equals and can go wherever we please.

As social media makes the world smaller, I realise how grateful I am for those freedoms, and to do my job, write news and tell stories in complete safety on HR News.

One Indonesian friend, a muslim lady and a very intelligent journalist, was telling me about her struggle to avoid being caught up in a terrorist bombing the other day.    She had been in the coffee shop literally five minutes before a bomb exploded there and was still near enough to be surrounded by the aftermath.  She described poignantly how she was counting her blessings and running to get her camera at the same time!

Another successful female friend whom I’ve known in school supports writers and women in business.  She recently asked for prayers for one of her clients – an intelligent, talented writer who was in Syria and had been displaced due to War.  They had tried to leave by sea, but the sea was too rough and the boat nearly sank.  They returned back to Syria, but were hoping to try again.

Meanwhile, another of my inspirational friends runs healing workshops all over the world, and most recently in India.  She brings blessings wherever she goes!

Simply due to where I was born, I got to go to school and learn and I continue to get the freedom to live, to marry, to wear what I choose, to do a job I hope I’m good at and to live in relative comfort.

Don’t get me wrong, the UK has its own flaws, another inspirational friend had to leave her job recently because she is gay and just received constant abuse and nit picking from her colleagues – but she does have the freedom to move jobs, choose her girlfriend and live in relative peace, and has gone into a better job which pays more anyway!  That’s a freedom and an option that many of our sisters don’t get.

This International Women’s Day, I’m thinking of my sisters  on Linked In and beyond, many of whom have more talent than me, but lack my opportunities. May this day raise awareness and help to improve their freedom.

Author: Editor

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