Is Your Outdated Checkout System Sacrificing Employee Productivity?

Keeping employees motivated within a fast-paced work environment is indeed no easy task. Not only must they be encouraged to meet the bare minimum of profit targets, but they should always strive to rise above and beyond the status quo. Unfortunately, there can be times when technical issues can frustrate such efforts and quickly lead to what can only be called a lackadaisical attitude. For instance, why would a worker be driven to meet his or her sales requirements if the digital checkout system is outdated and difficult to work with? While management often focuses upon the psychological reasons behind a lagging in-house team, the fact of the matter is that an incorrect point-of-sale (POS) system can quickly stifle success. How can you determine whether an upgrade is required and what options are at your disposal?

Signs that a Change is Needed

It is first necessary to examine the time that is needed for an average employee to write up and confirm a sales ticket. It is actually shocking to learn that some offices still employ legacy architecture that is extremely difficult to work with. If a sales call takes ten minutes to complete and a sales order requires another 15 minutes, it is time for a change.

A second signal is the inability to accept specific forms of payment. For example, a growing number of customers are choosing to perform digital transactions with cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin due to a heightened level of anonymity. Older point-of-sale platforms can hardly meet such requirements.

The third major concern is a system that cannot be updated to meet the changing demands of other third-party applications. This static framework will only serve to hamper in-house operations; leading to a lack of motivation and a general sense of malaise. Such a situation needs to be rectified sooner as opposed to later.

Choosing the Right E-Commerce Solution

Some employers are hesitant to implement a new point-of-sale system. This often arises from the erroneous belief that such a change will require a significant amount of downtime. This is no longer the case thanks to the presence of agile platforms such as those offered by Shopify. Not only are these bundles extremely easy to install, but their user-friendly nature helps to ensure that little additional employee orientation is necessary.

Modern systems should augment the current operations of a company as opposed to hinder such a sense of momentum. Furthermore, they also need to be clear and straightforward from the perspective of the customer. If a streamlined sales process can be guaranteed, the chances are high that a client will return to make additional purchases in the future. There is nothing worse than having a sale digitally torpedoed due to nothing more than a point-of-sale interface that fails to function properly.

Intuitive applications will serve to motivate employees and as a result, you can expect to enjoy a higher ROI over time. Let’s also not forget to mention that a happy employee is one who will remain loyal when the going gets tough.

Author: Editorial Team

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