Just 4 in 10 UK workers are satisfied with their employer’s virus prevention measures

A YouGov survey by CT Safety Barriers has revealed that less than half of UK workers are satisfied by the precautions their employers have taken to safeguard them from COVID-19.

The Yorkshire based safety company worked with YouGov to survey a representative sample of the UK population. The goal was to highlight how safe from the virus UK workers feel during their working day. Here’s what they found out:

Only 19% of people who have been in the workplace since lockdown began have felt safe from COVID-19

  • Of the 478 people asked who have been working in their workplace since March 23rd, less than 1 in 5 have felt safe from COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Just 22% of workplace-based workers said it is possible to socially distance themselves from colleagues and a mere 20% agree that people are generally keeping two metres apart, whilst working together.
  • When it comes to commuting to and from their workplace, 29% of those asked have felt safe from COVID-19 whilst travelling.

Just 29% of part time workers and 47% of full time workers quizzed were satisfied with the precautions that their employer has taken to protect them from COVID-19

  • Part time workers aged 18-24 are the least satisfied when it comes to their employer’s virus prevention measures. Just 9% of them believe their organisations’ precautions have been satisfactory.
  • When it comes to full time workers, 45-54 year olds are the least satisfied by the COVID-19 precautions in place at their company (39%), closely followed by those who are 55 and over (42%).

Parents and guardians are 7% less likely to be satisfied with the precautions their employers are taking than workers without kids

  • 38% of UK workers who have parental responsibilities are satisfied by their company’s virus prevention approach. This is in comparison to 45% of UK workers who do not have kids.

Workers splitting hours between their workplace and home are the most satisfied with their employer’s virus prevention efforts

  • Workers who have worked from both their home and workplace since the lockdown began are the most likely to be satisfied with their employer’s response to the crisis (58%).
  • Workers making up their hours at their workplace only were the least satisfied (36%).
  • Meanwhile 49% of people working from their home only were satisfied with the steps their boss had taken.

The higher the income of the worker, the more likely they are to be satisfied by virus prevention measures in place at their work.

  • Overall, 52% of people on a higher than average income above £30,000 are satisfied, but the average is just 39% for those on less than £30,000.
  • The least satisfied group were workers with annual earnings of £5,000 to £9,999 per year, with just 2 out of 10 claiming to be satisfied by virus prevention measures put in place by their employer.
  • At the other end of the scale, 6 out of 10 people earning £45,000 to £49,999 were happy with the precautions their employers had took.

Women are less likely to feel safe from COVID-19 whilst working

  • Workers were asked whether they agreed with a range of statements, relating to how safe they had felt at work since March 23rd. The results showed a clear difference in male and female safety perception.
  • One thing men and women are agreed on is their satisfaction with their employer’s approach to virus prevention. 42% of both men and women are happy with this.

However, when looking at the 478 people who have worked in their workplace since March 23rd

  • Just 34% of women agreed that they had generally felt safe from COVID-19 when they have been working. Meanwhile, 10% more men (43% in total) said that they felt safe.
  • Just 26% of women who have commuted to their workplace have felt safe from COVID-19 on the journey but this statistic is 5% higher for men (31%).
  • 31% of women feel that they are significantly more likely to catch COVID-19 due to the type of work that they do. But this figure is 8% lower for men (23%).

24% of UK workers believe the nature of their job will never be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Overall, nearly 1 in 4 workers believe the COVID-19 pandemic has changed their job forever (24%).
  • 27% of female workers believe this to be the case, whilst men are less likely to agree (22%).
  • 18-24 year old workers are the least likely to believe their job has changed forever (12%), whilst 24-35 year olds and those aged 45-54 (27%) are the most likely to agree with this statement.

Just 31% of working-class people (C2DE) are satisfied with the precautions their employers are taking, compared to 48% of middle-class workers (ABC1)

  • Working class workers are 17% less likely to be satisfied with the virus prevention steps their employer has taken.

About CT Safety Barriers

CT Safety Barriers is one of the UK’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of safety products in the UK. They have worked with big names such as Royal Mail, Eon and Aldi to safeguard employees and make their sites safer.

They do this with innovative, British-Made products such as Armco barriers, safety handrails, bollards and warehouse protection installations.

Commenting on the survey, Managing Director for CT Safety Barriers, Chris Caunce, said: “The results of the YouGov survey demonstrate how much more UK businesses need to do, in order to keep their staff safe in these troubled times.”

“Much of the challenges businesses are facing in 2020 are unprecedented. However, the priority for employers should always be the safety of their staff and those who visit their site.”

“For companies that are seeing these low levels of staff confidence, it’s vital to keep the dialogue with employees open and be wise to any concerns they have about your virus prevention strategy.”

About the YouGov survey

  • YouGov surveyed a representative sample of the UK population.
  • 2,110 people were surveyed in total, including 1,012 individuals who have been working since the outbreak of COVID-19

Author: Editorial Team

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