Leading salary sacrifice provider launches scheme for high mileage business drivers

Fleet Evolution, one of the country’s leading providers of car salary sacrifice schemes to SMEs, has launched a scheme to give drivers who cover a lot of miles peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles.

The newly-announced Employee Car Ownership (ECO) scheme will allow employees who do high business mileage to own a company car with employer volume discounts – but without forking out any company car tax.

Andrew Leech, Managing Director of Fleet Evolution, said,

“This new arm of the company will provide a complete employee car benefit solution for all employees. We have already established ourselves as a leader in the sector when it comes to salary sacrifice, but by opening ECOs schemes up to smaller companies, we are able to ensure everyone who wants to benefit from these fantastic offerings can do.”

These kind of ECO schemes are not a new concept. Established many years ago, they even began to replace company car schemes. However they were originally reserved for larger employers to offer as an incentive to their employees, with the employees of smaller businesses often missing out.

Since the introduction of ECOs schemes years ago, there has been a further drive towards eco-friendly vehicles, and many have looked at companies to lead the way in reducing greenhouse emissions by investing in their fleets. As a pioneer of economical vehicles, Fleet’s new offering is set to further cement their commitment to the ‘green’ cause and drive forward the company’s growth plans over the coming year.

“This new move comes five years after our first salary sacrifice car scheme, which was for 80 employees, was finalised,” added Andrew. “Since we entered into the industry, many things have changed, and as we are always looking to fill gaps and give small businesses the help and recognition they need, we saw this huge window of opportunity to help both employers and their employees.”

The new scheme can be deployed to businesses of any size quickly and simply. And what’s more, Fleet also handles all HMRC clearance to ensure disruption and stress is kept to a minimum.

Fleet Evolution’s unique business model has filled a much-needed gap in the market. By working exclusively with SMEs, they have now grown into one of the go-to suppliers for vehicles in the sector.

To find out more about Fleet Evolution’s innovative approach, visit the website: www.fleetevolution.com

Author: Editorial Team

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