Maintaining professionalism in the workplace after having children

After experiencing the life-changing and wonderful process of having children, going back to work can be quite a daunting and difficult time. It may be challenging for you to go back to your pre-baby routine, and knowing you have a child waiting for you to come home to adds a completely new dynamic. The knowledge that your little one depends on you, along with the lack of time that parents have to themselves, can result in a reduction in productivity and sometimes professionalism at work. Children’s retailer, Kiddies Kingdom outline their top tips for maintaining professionalism in the workplace after having children.

Be time efficient and productive

An important aspect of being productive at work is turning up on time, and this is so important from an employer’s perspective. There may be inevitable days when you may be delayed due to childcare, but it is important that it doesn’t become a regular occurrence. Staying positive and creating a schedule to work to will help you on your way to maintaining a time effective, and productive lifestyle, as you learn to balance parenting and work.

Don’t rush

With so much on your plate, it can be easy for your days to become one big blur. Try taking a step back when dealing with both personal and work matters and evaluate each thing step by step to help you achieve the best outcome. Feeling rushed and stressed may result in carelessness and hold you back from enjoying the good times. Your child will grow up before you know it, so take note and appreciate every moment you spend with your bundle of joy and remember to take time for yourself, and those important decisions when focusing on your work life.

Make time for selfcare

With so much to think about both from a personal and work perspective it can be easy to get carried away and not think about your own selfcare. Your health and wellbeing should be a priority and when nurtured it can help to increase your productivity and professionalism at work. By setting selfcare time aside, you will find that this will reflect your performance in other areas of your life. Things such as allowing an hour to go to the gym, have a relaxing bath or even working from home can help. The Maxi Cosi range offers a variety of products to help you keep your child safe and comfortable whilst allowing you to get on with the tasks at hand.


Learning to prioritise will help you stay on track to lead to a more productive lifestyle. At the start of the day make two lists, one for home life and one for work life, and plan out what you would like to achieve by the end of the day. Not only will this help with your productivity, but it also gives you small accomplishments throughout the day as you tick off everything you have completed.   

Be realistic

At the end of the day, you need to be realistic with yourself. It is important you don’t overwork yourself or become overwhelmed with the high demands a child brings. By being realistic you will be able to set accurate expectations both to yourself, family and employer so you don’t miss out on your child’s development, whilst also making sure you don’t miss that important meeting. Setting these expectations will help you maintain your productivity and provide you with the reminder that you are doing a great job adapting to your new lifestyle.

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