Merits and Demerits of Outsourcing Customer Support Service

For the success of your business, customer service is pivotal. However, what do you do when you are too busy handling the other areas of your business? Of course, you cannot overlook the customer service calls, but compromising the business operations for these service calls is also not the most befitting solution either. What’s the most suitable option if you aren’t able to hire an in-house customer service team? As and when your business grows, you could consider outsourcing the service calls for your business.  

For businesses irrespective of their size, customer service is essential. Even the most leading companies like PNC and NBL use customer service. The same is true for newer and relatively smaller companies like TrumpLearning.Here we’ll discuss with you what outsourced customer service is and its few pros and cons. 

What is outsourced customer service?

When a business transfers the management of its customer-facing communication channels to a third-party, then it is known as outsourcing of the customer service. Typically, this service is outsourced via a call centre, which has agents trained at handling the incoming calls and queries of the customers.

Now, you have to weigh in and decide whether you should opt for in-house customer service or get it outsourced. Let’s understand this with the pros and cons of outsourcing customer service.  


James, a management executive of EduWorldUSA,says that their business is relatively smaller in size, which is why they resort to outsourcing their customer service. The advantages of outsourcing customer service are: 

Workload is lesser

In a small business, the staff and the owners typically adorn a couple of hats. Amidst this, responding to the customers’ queries and calls would distract them from their vital profitable business tasks, such as sales.

So, when you outsource this service, it would free up the time of the employees. It would give them more time to focus on the sales and working towards improving the overall business profits.

Cost savings

If you hire contract workers, such as the call center employee, you do not have to pay the employee benefits or fixed payout. Furthermore, you do not need a furnished customer service set up in your office to install the team. So, this could account for a considerable cost saving. 

Coverage after hours

Usually, consumers tend to call anytime. They expect that irrespective of the time they make a call, they can reach the business and get a quick resolution.

So, when you outsource this role, the call center staff will handle the work for you. They’ll ensure that they are available for your customers 24/7.  

Multilingual service

At times, your customer would be comfortable in a different language, which you might not know, such as Chinese or Spanish. So, if you outsource the service, you can hire the representatives who speak these languages as well as the other languages. Angie, a customer service agent, says that she speaks seven different languages, and offers help to homework writing providers like TAE who have multilingual customers. When the customer is connected to someone who speaks their language, they feel more confident in communicating. It gives them an assurance that the company cares for them, and would find a resolution for their query. 


Though outsourcing customer service has a multitude of benefits, you should know about the flip side too before you opt for this option. 

There is low customer satisfaction rate.

Usually, businesses are of the view that if they outsource customer service, they will lose out on their business. Well, this concern is genuine. So, to avoid this occurrence, you could consider tracking the call center record before giving them the job. 

Outsourced employees do not have enough knowledge about the company 

Well, it is one distinct disadvantage of outsourcing customer service. Your in-house staff would undoubtedly have more knowledge about the business and its operations than the outsourced team.

So, when they do not have adequate experience, they might not be the perfect choice for resolving the queries of the customers who deal with you and your business. Micheal, who handles the management at TFTH,says that he recognized that an outside team might not know enough about his company, so he continually ensures that there’s regular communication with the outsourced team to ensure that they are always made aware of every little development. You could consider updating them on the new policies, new products, price changes, upcoming sales, etc. 

Your business would not be their top priority

Usually, the call center employees who offer customer service, handle the customer service of different companies. So, for them, treating the concerns of your customer might not be their number one priority. Thus, before hiring anyone for the job, do ensure that they are passionate and dedicated agents who care about helping the customers.   

Author: Editorial Team

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