MI6 on a mission to recruit new talent as 1,000 new jobs created

If you are looking to put your HR skills to work in an unusual role, Sky News has reported this week that the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, MI6 has been given more funding to recruit up to 1,000 new staff in order to deal with a whole range of threats facing the UK.  This represents a substantial increase in staff, taking the agency from about 2,500 staff to as many as 3,500 by 2020.


No details have been given about where the new positions will be, or where they will be geographically located, however it doesn’t seem that a new group of ‘double-O’ style agents are likely.

The press has speculated that new positions are likely to be experts in cyber security, data collection, languages and foreign analysis.

The running of such a large organisation dictates that as well as security experts, the agency will need ‘everyday’ staff too.  There won’t be any positions in PR or marketing, as the agency has no press office and makes no official comment on operations, staff, agents, or relations with foreign intelligence services, however there are definitely jobs for HR and corporate support staff and tradesmen already advertised on the SIS website.  The application process takes approximately 6 months and it goes without saying that integrity and discretion will be required!

The agency’s website lists a wide range of roles, and eligibility criteria which will apply to those joining the workforce.



Author: Editorial Team

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