Mrs. Hinch’s favourite brands down 20% due to Instagram hiatus after birth of baby Ronnie

New research by digital marketing agency Silverbean has revealed an almost 20% drop in search interest for cleaning brands during Mrs Hinch’s Instagram hiatus following the birth of her baby boy.

The influencer took a break from sharing her signature cleaning tips on Instagram following the birth of her first child on 20th June 2019. Although she has recently made her return to the platform, analysis of Google Trends data shows that some cleaning brands have suffered because of her absence.

In June 2019 — when her hiatus began — search interest in Mrs Hinch’s preferred cleaning brands fell to an average of 23.3/100, down from 28.9/100 in May 2019.

Some brands suffered more than others without the influencer’s online mentions. Mrs Hinch’s favourite cloth, the Minky M Cloth, experienced the greatest decrease in search interest, based on our analysis of the products that feature most frequently in her stories.

Interest in the M Cloth — or ‘Minkeh’ as it’s affectionately known amongst Hinchers — fell from 6/100 in May to 2.4/100 in June — a far cry from its peak search interest of 100/100 in October 2018. Fewer people were searching for the brand overall too; interest in Minky dropped 36% between May and June.

Online interest in Vileda Spray Mops dipped by 34% in the absence of Mrs Hinch, falling from an average of 53/100 in May to 35/100 in June.

Interest in all purpose cleaner Elbow Grease reduced by 30% on average, taking third place in the brands most heavily impacted by the influencer’s hiatus. While average interest in May stood at 55.5/100, it had fallen to 38.6/100 in June.

While other factors may be influencing the current interest in the products, there’s no denying the impact that exposure on Mrs Hinch’s Instagram page has had for brands. Her Instagram account has an average engagement rate of 6.52%, which is significantly higher than social media heavyweights Kim Kardashian West (1.57%), Justin Bieber (3.47%) and even Beyoncé (2.61%).

Her Instagram activity has helped drive the success of many cleaning brands in recent months. In November 2018, Zoflora manufacturer Thornton & Ross reported a 28% increase in sales year-to-date, while supermarket Morrisons sold over 13,000 Minky M Cloths in just five days back in January 2019. Likewise, a spokesperson from Vileda confirmed that the “Hinch effect”, alongside their own marketing efforts, has seen value sales of Vileda Spin Mops increase by 97.97% over the last 52 weeks.

Commenting on her success, Silverbean’s Senior Affiliate and Influencer Manager Dan Hull commented:

“Mrs Hinch is a perfect example of how powerful influencer marketing can be for a brand, but also how there is a way it can be tailored to work for any brand. Her content and advice was unique to her and really struck a chord with Instagram users, catapulting her to fame and as a result drastically increasing awareness of the brands she chose to champion. Finding the right, genuine voice for your brand can in turn unlock access to a wealth of potential customers.”

Search interest change between May 2019 and June 2019 (figures out of a maximum of 100):

Author: Editorial Team

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