National Pyjama Week: 28% of UK employees who work from home do so in their pyjamas

Over a quarter (28 percent) of UK employees wear their pyjamas when working from home. That’s according to new research from business communications company Fuze released to coincide with the start of National Pyjama Week.



The survey of 1,000 UK workers shows that – despite the rise of video communication – not everyone feels obliged to keep up their professional attire outside of the office. Only 15 percent of those who work from home wear a suit or professional clothes when working remotely, almost two-thirds (62 percent) prefer casual clothes to keep comfortable, while 13 percent opt to work in their dressing gowns.


Commenting on the survey, Bradlee Allen, Product Evangelist at Fuze, said:


“While working in your pyjamas might not be for everybody, too many businesses are still stuck in the mindset that employees need to be sat at a desk, in the office and wearing a suit in order to be productive. In fact, allowing employees to work in a way that best suits them can not only help to drive greater motivation, it can also increase productivity.”


“While allowing workers to wear whatever they want outside of the office may sound trivial, 89 percent say flexible working should be how we work, not just a benefit. By giving employees the freedom to work in their own way, businesses can encourage a mindset of collaboration and embrace modern ways of working. These seemingly small changes are helping to define company cultures across the UK. These cultures, in turn, are ultimately defining the future of work.”


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Author: Editorial Team

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