NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DAY: One in 10 Brits work in their pants

More than one in ten (12%) Brits who work from home have done so only in their underwear, rather than usual office attire or smart-casual clothing. That’s according to research from business communications company Fuze launched in conjunction with National Underwear Day.



The survey of 1,000 people reveals that men are twice as likely as women to ditch outer clothing when working from the comfort of their own home, with 15% admitting to sporting just their underwear, compared to only 7% of women.


Commenting on the survey, Tom Pressley, Senior Director of Worldwide Marketing at Fuze, said:


“While working from home in your underwear might be unconventional, it does raise an important issue about how and where people need to be to do their best work and whether what they wear is important.


“All too often, businesses are stuck in the mindset that workers need to be sat in the company office, wearing formal clothing to be productive. By allowing staff to work where and how they want to, workers will be more motivated, effective and engaged with the business.”


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Author: Editorial Team

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