Nearly half of Britons would rather go to a Christmas party with their colleagues than family and non-work friends

Christmas is the time of year when family and close friends come together, however new research1 reveals nearly half of Britons (42%) would actually rather go to a Christmas party with work friends than family and non-work friends.

Business telecommunications provider, 4Com recently looked into Britons attitudes towards their co-workers and found that three-quarters (75%) have made lifelong friends with work colleagues, but how many of them would prefer to ditch their other friends and family to spend the festive season with them?


While more than a quarter (28%) claimed they’d prefer to attend a Christmas party or night out with family, nearly half (42%) admitted they’d rather cheers to the festive season with friends they’ve made in the workplace.


This preference of company was even chosen for Christmas Day itself, with nearly one in ten (9%) admitting they’d prefer to ditch family and non-work friends to spend the day with work friends – a decision more popular with men (12%) than women (7%).


Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve had a similar theme, with even more (12%) preferring to spend these with the colleagues they’ve built friendships with.


The top five UK cities where the highest percent of residents who would rather spend Christmas Day with work friends over family and non-work friends are:

  1. London (17%)
  2. Norwich (12%)
  3. Nottingham (11%)
  4. Manchester (10%)
  5. Cardiff (9%)


The top five UK cities where the highest percent of residents admitted to preferring Christmas parties with work friends over family and non-work friends are:

  1. Belfast (72%)
  2. Bristol (65%)
  3. Edinburgh (52%)
  4. Glasgow (48%)
  5. Leeds (47%), Norwich (47%)


The top five UK cities where the highest percent of residents preferred to swap out family and non-work friends for work friends on New Year’s Eve are:

  1. Bristol (20%)
  2. Newcastle (18%)
  3. London (17%)
  4. Cardiff (15%) Edinburgh (15%)
  5. Sheffield (13%)


Lisa Wood, a 27-year-old Para Legal from Manchester, said: “When I moved back to Manchester after University, I was worried about making new friends. A lot of my old friends have houses, husbands and babies now, so I wasn’t sure how I would fit in. But then I met Jenny at my graduate job and from the second we met we’ve been amazing friends! I often spend Boxing Day with her and would definitely choose her over any one else to be my plus one to a Christmas party!”


Jason Thompson, a 45-year-old Project Manager from London, also said: “While I spend Christmas Day morning with my wife, it has become tradition that every Christmas Day afternoon, me and a bunch of friends who all met at a job ten years ago and have since moved onto different roles, all meet for a pint or two. But, we do always aim to be home in time for Christmas dinner!”


Commenting on the research, Mark Pearcy, Head of Marketing at 4Com said: “The Christmas season is traditionally filled with friends and family. But, with the countless social events popping up in our calendars, it’s interesting to see exactly who the UK prefer to spend those festive events with.


“We spend a lot of time with our colleagues – more so than with our other friends and family – so it’s nice to see we’re building strong and meaningful relationships with these people and feel comfortable enough to share periods of celebration.”


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