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There are two interesting facts about the current UK job market. One is that the employment rate is at a record high since the early 1970s. The other is that the economic inactivity rate, i.e. those not seeking employment, is at a record low. It is clear that the UK is enjoying a golden period in employment at the moment, and there are many reasons why this could be.

Any economic stat of today usually goes together with mentions of Brexit like two pedals on a bicycle. However, this positive news instead focuses on the good work being done by local businesses, entrepreneurs, education programmes and workshop providers that enhance employability. One such contributor to a more attractive and skilled workforce is New Skills Academy, which is part of Be-a Education Limited.

New Skills Academy in a Nutshell

New Skills Academy is a course provider, helping people to change careers, up-skill and gain new qualifications. Their website is the home of hundreds of different courses, diversifying from food safety and employment law to dog grooming. They have something for everyone and offer a struggle-free way to enhance career prospects.

One of the most attractive aspects of their courses is that they can be completed from a distance, thus allowing busy parents and full-time professionals to gain new qualifications around their schedule. When changing career direction can be tough in later life, New Skills Academy is able to provide a convenient helping hand.

A Big Following

They currently have more than 600 active courses, which have attracted more than 300,000 students. These students have better equipped themselves for the job market thanks to their new knowledge, qualifications and skills. However, they are not just offering courses to private individuals.

Businesses can use the services of New Skills Academy to train their staff. Staff training comes in the form of customised packages with the capability of helping up to 20,000 staff members. These packages can also be tailored to your business need, meaning staff receive bespoke learning and ready themselves for their ideal promotion.

Fully Accredited Courses

The courses on offer have been verified by leading industry experts and fully accredited by CPD and other relevant bodies. Students who enrol and participate in their qualifications can be sure their time is not wasted, and they can declare their skills officially in an interview or on their CVs.

A Special Word on Teens Unite

Teens Unite is a charity organisation that help young people suffering with cancer focus on what they can achieve rather than letting their diagnoses hold them back. New Skills Academy has teamed up with them to help provide the young people at the heart of their work with more opportunities. Young cancer suffers now have more workshops and learning materials at their disposal so they can too concentrate on their future and potential careers. Just another way that they are helping more people progress their careers today and in the future.

Author: Editorial Team

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